The global Home Automation market size stood at USD 45.8 Billion in 2017, is projected to reach USD 114 Billion by the end of 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.1%, as major players including Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Nest, Philips are leading the Smart Home industry. Earlier Smart Home products were about efficiency and luxury, but after March-2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing Smart Home OEMs solutions towards the necessities segment.

Let’s take an overview of some of the innovative Smart Home products and their features which can be potential growth areas for OEMs during this tough market times:

Smart Video Doorbell:

Amid social distancing avoiding direct contact with people is a new normal, having Smart Doorbell enabled with Thermal Camera, Speaker, Microphone, Accelerometer, and Internet connectivity can serve the purpose.

People are staying at home and prefer to buy stuff online to avoid visiting public places, which creates a need to avoid direct contact with the delivery person. A Smart Doorbell can enable conversation with the delivery person so that they can be guided to leave packages outside the door or in the garage. Having a Thermal check integrated can measure the temperature of everyone visiting home premises to ensure safety.

In addition, to fight with COVID-19, Smart Doorbell also ensures Home safety and security regardless of people are at home or away. The Smart Doorbell can immediately send an alert if it detects activity nearby the door, a person can immediately check what’s happening outside through the mobile app and take appropriate actions like enable 2-way talk, play siren, or contact authorities. A person can also check whether kids have left and reached home or not.

Smart Fridge:

Post COVID-19 people keep a close check on food items availability and try out more recipes at home, as it’s recommended not to step out of the home without urgent needs or necessities to contain the spread of the virus. A Smart Fridge with Internet connectivity and inbuilt Voice Assistant can automate the process here.

The Smart Fridge can keep a check on food items and order low quantity items by itself from a preferable e-commerce platform. The Smart Fridge can also suggest recipes to try out based on food items available or send an alert if the fridge door is open or the ice tray is empty.

A person can ask an inbuilt voice assistant for fridge status or to set fridge temperature. A voice assistant can read out recipes or play music while cooking. The voice assistant can also be integrated with other voice assistant compatible products like light bulbs, thermostats in the home, which helps to avoid contact with high-touch surfaces in the home.

Smart Mattress:

The stress, worry created due to isolation, loss of work, economic/health worries, work from home, and homeschooling kids during the pandemic has made existing sleep difficulties even worse and triggered new sleep problems in those who used to be good sleepers. Having Smart Mattress enabled with Piezoelectric Sensors, Climate Control, IFTTT, and Internet connectivity can be a boon to regaining the balance.

The Smart Mattress can calculate the total time a person spends in bed, when a person falls asleep, and how often a person tosses and turns. Based on the calculations, the mattress can provide detailed reports for sleep patterns and can suggest possible improvements to improve sleep quality. Smart Mattress climate control can keep a person warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights. The mattress can also divide the bed area into two zones if one person likes warmth while another prefers cool sheets. 

Smart Mattress can get connected with other Smart Home products for Home Automation like turn on the light when a person wakes up. The mattress can also provide temperature and vibration-based silent smart alarm systems to wake people up without morning blues. The mattress can detect snoring and elevate a person’s head to stop snoring.

Note: The content of this blog is based on the personal knowledge of any research work done by any individuals. There is a market research report on Smart Home products that is used from the website Fortune Business Insights. Figures are kept to the best of our knowledge and not to mislead in any manner.