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Digital transformation has given rise to smart technologies, disrupting the way we work, live and play. Bringing to life new innovations, this year’s CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016 returns to Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 31 May – 3 June 2016.

“From sensors, wearables to intelligent ecosystems, Asia Pacific will see 8.6 billion connected devices by 2020[]. Hyper-connectivity heightened automation and opened new possibilities for enhanced productivity with innovations including artificial intelligence, robotics and more. CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016 continue to deliver value through insights and exhibitions of new Internet of Things (IoT) manifestations, unveiling thought leadership and best of breed innovations at the region’s leading technology event,” said Victor Wong, Project Director of Communications Events, Singapore Exhibition Services.

“We are very eager for visitors to see what we have in store, especially at the new and improved NXT@CommunicAsia on Level 3, which will focus on IoT and Smart City innovations,” Mr. Wong added.

Highlighting the importance of smart technologies by companies in Singapore and beyond, Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary General, Singapore Manufacturing Federation added, “BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia and NXT will see the convergence of multiple establishments showcasing their latest innovative technologies. We encourage all visitors and exhibitors to visit the Singapore Pavilion and network among the frontrunners of the industry. Trade shows like these are excellent platforms for collaborative partnerships to take flight, not only within the domestic market but international markets as well.”

New technologies to drive Smart Cities

Gartner highlighted the emergence of the “robo” trend fueled by artificial intelligence and smart technologies driving changes in the way businesses and cities operate. The Asia Pacific region has seen adoption of robotics from food delivery to logistics management, as businesses look to new ways of working. Giving attendees a flavor of what they can expect, here are a couple of exhibitors that will be featured at this year’s event:

  • Air quality monitoring for cities and home: Singapore company MobiQuest will launch an environment monitoring platform, iSenseair, to help cities, businesses and consumers track air quality to enhance quality of life. With increasing environmental and health concerns from the region’s haze and smog concerns, solutions like this showcase how Big Data can enable better city and environmental maintenance for sustainable and liveable cities building.
  • Enhancing communications with robotics: OTSAW Digital Inc. will be showcasing the new ground-breaking teleconferencing robot, Double, which can be remotely controlled by a mobile teleconferencing system. Remotely controlled by a mobile teleconferencing system, this device enables employees with faster and more engaging interactions, wherever they are and at the time of their choice.

From Kitchen to Security: Bringing Smart Homes to Life

How would consumers envision smart homes of the future? This year’s event showcases the manifestations of Smart Home technologies from the kitchen to enhancing lifestyles of today’s connected consumer. The following innovations showcase automation in today’s urban home spaces:

  • Kitchen of the future: SousChef is founded by four Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) students. It is a unique multi-functional kitchen-top device that is equipped with an inbuilt memory for recipe storage allowing users to create pre-entered recipes for ingredient dispensing and automated cooking of their favorite dishes.
  • Home security at your fingertips: Device Electronics will showcase a first of its kind App-controlled surveillance robot for home use. Targeted at families with young children or elderly parents, the device provides consumers with the ability to remotely manoeuvre robots for easy home monitoring.

Creating new content experiences to engage today’s consumers

New, on-demand content and delivery have changed the broadcasting and production industry. Brands need to create engaging and innovative content to capture today’s multi-screen audience. The event also unveils latest innovations including:

  • Redefining content experience 360 degrees: Expandore Electronics brings to the region the new KODAK PIXPRO, enabling today’s content creators to film 360 degree virtual reality videos, bringing images and video viewing experiences to the next level.
  • Capturing moments with fast deploying drones: Singapore company, Cathay Photo, in partnership withTaiwan-based Cheng Seng Group, will be launching the adaptable and ready-to-fly system drone, the Freefly ALTA 6 Camera Drone which can unpack and be ready to shoot in less than 5 minutes

All the solutions from innovations for smart homes and cities will be showcased at Communic Asia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016, Asia’s largest and most integrated ICT and broadcasting industry event.

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