Connected Holdings, a leader in M2M and IoT platforms, will be responsible for the development of a Smartcool cellular enabled device and a cloud based Smartcool application for integration with HVAC control systems. Connected Holdings will fund the development work and manage the production of these new devices and cloud services.

Connected Holdings will form a subsidiary for the purposes of marketing this new connected solution. They anticipate leveraging their relationships with cellular network providers and under the license agreement, will be provided exclusive rights to sell through this channel.

Connected Holdings and its associated entities, currently sell in excess of 100,000 cellular IoT devices per month. These are primarily sold into the automotive markets.  As a result of this existing business, Connected Holdings benefits from strong relationships with its manufacturers and cellular network providers.

Smartcool will, as part of the License Agreement, be granted an ownership interest in the Connected Holdings subsidiary as well as a royalty on sales. Smartcool will also distribute products and services created by Connected Holdings through existing distributors and sales agents.

Eric Collins, Chairman and President of Connected Holdings, commented, “I am extremely excited about this opportunity with Smartcool Systems. We have focused our efforts in the IoT (Internet of Things) primarily in the automotive arena to date. This has meant connecting vehicles with the Internet for the purpose of communicating data about the vehicles’ location, condition, and other real-time information. By partnering with Smartcool, we can now apply their AC, refrigeration and heat pump efficiency technology to our cellular sensors product family and our cloud based Intelligent Services platform.  This offering will provide businesses with real energy savings and the ability to manage their energy utilization dynamically. In addition, by leveraging our network relationships we expect to grow sales rapidly.  We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Smartcool Systems.”

Ted Konyi added, “We are thrilled to be working with Connected Holdings who are leaders in the growing IoT space. Their technical expertise, manufacturing capability and network connections provide an opportunity to significantly move the Smartcool technology forward. In addition, the goal of providing our existing distributors and sales agents updated tools to further develop existing markets and capture new markets will enhance Smartcool’s sales.”

For more information abut their products, please visit the official Smartcool website.