Behmor Inc - Behmor Brazen

Behmor, Inc., a leader in coffee brewing and home coffee roasting technology, today announced that the Behmor Brazen “Connected 8 Cup Brew System” is a finalist for the IHA Innovation Award. The Behmor Brazen is equipped with DADO Labs’ Internet of Things platform, an intelligent extension for consumer technologies.

As one of five finalists in the Kitchen Electrics category, Behmor was selected for its ability to simplify and improve the coffee making experience at home.

“The brew system presents an opportunity for consumers to move away from 40-year-old ‘technology’ to a new paradigm for increasing their coffee pleasure. Adding DADO to our connected brewer makes our great system that much smarter,” said Behmor President Joseph Behm.

The Brazen Connected coffee maker is unlike any on the market. It starts with the unique brewing features of the Behmor Brazen Plus and adds mobile connectivity provided by DADO Labs. The features of the Brazen Connected brewer include the ability to set the brewing temperature, the pre-soak time, and water brewing volume via a mobile app. The Brazen Connected is based on the original SCAA certified Brazen Plus and meets their rigorous brewing standards. This further validates the superior brewing quality of the Brazen Connected to assuredly meet those same standards once SCAA testing is finalized.

“Behmor is a great partner because they identify with the tenets of DADO’s values,” said Tom Worley, CEO of DADO Labs. “Our common goal is to create the best user experience, connect them to a broader community and utilize data to make amazing coffee. Being an IHA Innovation finalist is icing on the cake and it’s great industry recognition of this common goal.”

IHA judging will take place on March 6th and winners will be announced March 8th.

About Behmor, Inc.

Behmor is both a designer and manufacturer of coffee equipment that includes coffee roasters and coffee brew systems. Over the past eight years, we have designed two products from the ground up that have received accolades from around the world and that have been recognized by leading authorities in the USA (SCAA) andEurope (SCAE) with awards for Best New Consumer Products when introduced in 2007 and 2012. Simply stated, Behmor’s mission is exemplified by what we as a group feel, A Passion for All Things Coffee.

About DADO Labs

DADO is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to accelerate trusted consumer brands into the Internet of Things (IoT) economy. DADO provides hardware, software, and integration support to connect brands to their users in a dynamic and personal way. DADO is partnering with brands that consumers know, love, and trust to demonstrate how easy it is to bring the IoT into the mainstream.