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Smartvue Corporation announced that it was selected by Metalligence to provide video surveillance services to its subscribers as part of a portfolio of home automation and security offerings. Smartvue customers, which include leading cable and telco companies, upload more than 40 million minutes of video surveillance daily from tens of thousands of devices connected to the IoT video platform.

“Smartvue is privileged to partner with Metalligence, an international leader in home automation,” said Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “Our innovative cloud video platform supported by embedded IoT firmware and distributed services helps organizations worldwide create new value for their customers with video surveillance.”

Smartvue offers customized video surveillance services that can be integrated with or embedded into existing products, helping service businesses and hardware manufacturers create new recurring revenue. The service is available for residential and commercial customers in 140 countries worldwide. Since the company launched its IoT platform, customers have driven cloud video surveillance at a rate of more than 10 billion minutes of video annually.

“Metalligence is a leader in the IoT devices industry,” said David Tu, Director of Business Development at Metalligence. “Scalable video services are a critical part of the home automation ecosystem, and we are proud to partner with Smartvue to support video surveillance for our millions of customers.”

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