Service Oriented Architecture Consulting

Today, more and more companies understand the need for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Drawn primarily by the promise of interoperability in an increasingly global and heterogeneous business world, service-oriented architectures allow firms to better align their business needs and IT infrastructure, lower development costs, encourage sharing of services, complete integration faster and build industry best practices.

A service-oriented approach enables rapid assembly, shortens deployment time and reduces risk of failure so you can keep your organization more agile and profitable. SOA is the latest evolution in distributed computing.

SOA Consulting Group

Whether a company is migrating application design practices and tools toward a style that creates shared, reusable and distributed services or building new SOA applications and solutions in an enterprise, XWebServices Inc.’s SOA Consulting Group assists companies achieve their SOA goals.

XWebServices Inc’s team of SOA Architects and Consultants can assist companies looking to expedite their SOA migration by successfully leveraging SOA technology solutions such as:

  • Complex Event Processing
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • SOA Governance
  • Composite Applications
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence

SOA Architect Role

With a strong understanding of the enterprise from a business perspective, XWebServices Inc.’s vendor agnostic SOA Architects will assist any staff in developing SOA principles and best practices that guide planning, development, integration and management of application infrastructures.