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Socionext Inc. and SOINN announced that the companies have jointly started a trial on integrating SoC-based data sensing technology and artificial intelligence to develop solutions and new businesses. The first step of the trial is to have “Artificial Brain SOINN” learn data collected by “viewphii”, Socionext’s integrated medical IoT solution, and verify the result to provide better monitoring of health conditions and predictions of future risks. The objective of the trial is to add to the functions and performance of AI and to the Internet of Things, where increasing numbers of solutions and services using AI are now developing.

Artificial Brain SOINN is a self-learning, general-purpose artificial intelligence provided by SOINN Inc., featuring a unique learning algorithm that does not require huge amounts of data, advanced hardware, or lengthy learning periods. SOINN is now promoting new businesses utilizing Artificial Brain SOINN. Socionext leverages its data sensing technology based on its System-on-Chip expertise, which enables the extraction of useful information out of senor signals, and develops new products and solutions to improve users’ quality of experience.

The companies will start a trial to develop solutions for new businesses, by integrating SoC-based sensing and self-learning algorithms. Socionext is in charge of extraction of valuable data using its SoC sensing technology, as well as development of IoT applications and implementation. SOINN carries out fine-tuning of its self-learning algorithm. As the first step of the trial, various biometric data obtained by Socionext’s integrated medical IoT solution “viewphii”, will be provided along with general health check results to conduct learning on Artificial Brain SOINN, and estimate current health conditions and future risks.

“viewphii” delivers integration and management solutions for ultra-sound imaging, continuous blood pressure, and electro-cardiograph, among other data that are measured through completely cable-less, handheld mobile devices. Further development is underway to enable measurement of other biometric data. The learning on Artificial Brain SOINN will provide the opportunity to improve health condition monitoring and predict future risks with unprecedented accuracy in a short time with low cost. Completion of the analysis of the learning results and verification of effectiveness for this trial is scheduled in the end of October 2016.

Based on the outcome of this trial, SOINN will boost the improvement of its self-learning algorithm and accuracy for further evolution of Artificial Brain SOINN. Socionext will continue to establish new businesses, and promote new products and services through utilization of SoC-based sensing technology.

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