Having explored and analyzed the latest IT industry directions, SoftServe’s experts reveal main technology trends for businesses in 2015.

SoftServe reveals the main technology trends that will have a disruptive impact on the dynamics and evolution of key industries, including healthcare, retail, and automotive in 2015 and beyond. The major findings of its industry experts are:

  • Big Data technologies are converging into more integrated stacks. The near future will bring more analytics capabilities and solid support for velocity and veracity of data. The three key Big Data trends are Data Operating Systems, NoSQL Databases, and Distributed Search Engines.
  • Security remains a strong priority in Software Development. To reduce the risk of high-profile hacker attacks and exploitation of vulnerabilities, security teams are becoming actively involved in the SDLC process.
  • Value of in-house UX design is growing steadily. The importance of design thinking as the new approach to product creation grows with more and more industries taking advantage of smart gadgets.
  • Mobile and wearable devices are going to be in the center of mobile functionality extension. The global market is experiencing a shift from a Mobile First model to a Wearable/IoT First model, leveraging predictive analysis based on data retrieved from mobile and wearable devices.
  • The Cloud era is here. Public, hybrid and private clouds will be wider and adoption by entrepreneurs and software vendors, especially in the healthcare industry, will be much faster. Other tendencies expected in 2015 are significant accomplishments in the areas of DevOps, Application Containerization, and Real-Time Procession of the Big Data Streams.
  • With Quality Assurance and Control being a mounting concern, testers need to start taking more ownership and leadership in business. Companies will start growing their testing budgets and establishing in-house “Test Centers of Excellence” to improve testing efficiency.

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