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Solano Labs, a leading provider of continuous integration and deployment solutions, announced beta support for universal compute resources for its Solano CI software-as-a-service (SaaS) continuous integration platform, and invites developers to participate in its Microsoft Azure and IoT beta trials.

Bi-modal IT today requires platforms that can support hybrid cloud deployments, consisting of both private clouds as well as public environments like those provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Solano CI’s new Universal Worker model enables deployment of Solano CI across all hybrid clouds, expanding its existing offering launched on AWS in 2014.

“With the addition of Universal Worker, we expect to onboard customers that we weren’t able to address previously, due to their hybrid cloud and embedded compute needs,” said William Josephson, president of Solano Labs. “Organizations interested in adopting and expanding continuous delivery best practices can now deploy Solano CI on whichever compute resource they choose, and we’re thrilled to announce this beta in partnership with Microsoft Azure.”

The Internet of Things market has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025, with business-to-business applications capturing nearly 70 percent of the value. Solano CI’s new Universal Worker is well positioned to address this market opportunity, starting with ARM-based applications. With Solano CI, embedded software teams can develop IoT applications faster, with higher quality results.

“The number of applications that are being developed for the Internet of Things presents a unique opportunity to builders of highly integrated embedded devices,” said Leo Cheng, vice president of strategy and business development, Solano Labs. “Solano CI enables the adoption of agile development methodologies popularized by web application services. IoT developers can utilize Solano CI to leverage its test automation and continuous delivery capabilities and accelerate time to market while improving product quality.”

Solano CI’s new Universal Worker model broadens the system’s ecosystem through compatibility with any type of compute resource, allowing blazing fast continuous integration processes on any combination of hybrid cloud compute environment that customers today require – from public cloud, on-premise private hardware, or software-embedded devices that address continuous delivery for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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