SolidRun HummingBoard Gate

SolidRun Ltd. announces HummingBoard-Gate™ based on Freescale’s i.MX6 System-on-Chip in collaboration with MikroElektronika Ltd. and the unique click board™ technology.

Sized at 102 x 69 mm, The HummingBoard-Gate is the new community oriented member of SolidRun’s HummingBoard™ family, providing a choice of processing power, memory and storage, Imaging sensor connectivity, Wireless/RF connectivity, and a wide range of I/Os, all powered by a variety of standard Linux distributions.

HummingBoard-Gate is the first application processor board to include an integrated native mikroBUS™ socket offering easy and simple connectivity to MikroElektronika’s wide range of click add-on boards.

From simple pushbuttons to sophisticated GPS and accelerometer modules, more than 150 click boards are available, with new ones being released weekly. Professional engineers and makers alike will be able to easily expand the functionality of the HummingBoard with all kinds of sensors, transceivers, displays, encoders, motor drivers etc.

“Our focus was to offer a powerful low cost IoT Gateway platform that can easily collect, process and connect to the cloud”, stated Rabeeh Khoury, SolidRun’s CTO. “The HummingBoard-Gate sets a new level of development flexibility by providing endless I/O connectivity, scalable processing power and ability to run IoT middlewares such as Node-RED, MQTT broker, openHAB and others.”

SolidRun HummingBoard Gate

“We’re excited to see click boards making their way to platforms with powerful application processors, like the HummingBoard is. This will unlock an entirely new potential for developers coming up with new solutions for the emerging IoT world”, said Aleksandar Nikolic, Product Manager at MikroElektronika.

The HummingBoard-Gate is available for pre-order on the company’s website:

MikroElektronika is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. MikroElektronika’s goal is to provide software and hardware tools that are easy to use, save time and help get the job done quickly. This approach attracts both hobbyist and professionals. MikroElektronika is an authorized design partner and premier third party partner of Microchip® and an official consultant and third party partner of Atmel® Corporation, Texas Instruments® and STmicroelectronics® and more.

About SolidRun

Established in 2010, SolidRun is a global leading developer and manufacturer of powerful energy efficient System on Modules (SOMs) and mini computers. SolidRun’s innovative embedded solutions are ARM processor architecture based and compact, and include comprehensive software packages, drivers and support for major operating systems. Investing in software as one of the key differentiators, SolidRun is a proud member of the OSS community and strongly believes in its principles.