SunCulture Solar Inc. announces the launch of SolPad™, a new series of disruptive energy products designed to be the most advanced integrated-home or off-grid solar energy products in the world.

The SolPad’s integrated solar panel combines multiple patented technologies into a single beautiful device, including breakthrough battery storage, an innovative inverter system and intelligent software that engages and interacts with the user, giving them an unparalleled personal energy experience that gamifies energy distribution, delivery and usage.

SolPad is truly the world’s first fully integrated solar energy solution created for the modern smart home and sustainably minded global citizen.

“SolPad revolutionizes personal energy by bringing together the sustainable smart home, solar and energy storage into a simple, gorgeous and integrated device,” said Christopher Estes, CEO and Chief Product Architect at SunCulture Solar, Inc., designer and manufacturer of SolPad. “SolPad also makes solar even more accessible for the majority of the global population and its growing energy needs, without the cost of building expensive grid infrastructure. With our groundbreaking component miniaturization and integration, we’ve transformed solar—much like the smartphone revolutionized the personal computer sector—combining numerous components into a single device that’s significantly less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use than conventional systems.”

SolPad Home™: An Unprecedented Sustainable Energy Solution 

SolPad Home™ is the ultimate sustainable energy solution for powering an entire home with clean solar power. It offers homeowners an unprecedented level of control over their electricity generation, energy storage and usage. While SolPad Home is designed to be a gorgeous rooftop solar solution, it is much more than just a solar panel.

Each SolPad Home panel is like a smart-energy computer on your roof, with each device being its own energy powerhouse that is completely self-sufficient. Homeowners can start with one SolPad and easily add more with minimal installation time.

SolPad Home panels store both solar and grid energy with forthcoming solid-state battery technology. This battery technology is inherently safer than standard lithium-ion-based batteries. They have a broader operating temperature range and longer life. Each SolPad device is equipped with its own “solar micro-storage,” or built-in battery storage at the panel level, and the solid-state low-voltage battery design is optimized for safe rooftop operation.

SolPad’s Home’s flexgrid™ inverter has a truly unique and intelligent design that is flexible enough to account for the many different power environments that exist in today’s world. The flexgrid inverter is designed to seamlessly integrate with built-in solid-state “solar micro-storage,” and this innovative combination allows SolPad to operate with electrically optimized power efficiency.

SolPad’s flexgrid inverter can automatically detect when to charge from the sun or charge from the local utility grid, adjusting for cloudy or rainy days, as well as changing local electricity rates. During the most expensive daytime hours, SolPad Home will switch to stored battery power, then switch back to grid power when rates are low. Flexgrid will also detect when there’s a power outage or blackout and safely disconnect itself from the grid. Once off the grid, SolPad automatically forms a personal solar micro-grid that will keep delivering power to specific lights and appliances.

The SolPad Home Connect™ system is the most innovative power delivery interface to get power from your roof into your home. Connect is a wire-free system that links two or more SolPad Home panels together on your roof, completely eliminating the need for any complicated cabling or wiring, simplifying the installation and greatly reducing cost and installation time.

SolPad Home combines solar and smart home components that have traditionally always been bought and installed separately. Due to this integration and elimination of parts, SolPad’s fully integrated product design approach reduces the total cost of installed solar and energy storage by up to 50% when compared with other existing product offerings.

“Labor and technical soft costs are the hardest problems to solve when it comes to integrating solar and storage with software. SolPad did an amazing job of inventing new technologies and packaging them in a way that is both consumer and installer friendly,” said Barry Cinnamon, CEO of Spice Solar and a longtime solar industry installer.

SolControl™: Solar Energy, Gamified

SolPad Home sets a strong precedent for the sustainable smart home with its internet of things (IoT) energy management platform called SolControl™. SolControl is the only hardware and software solution that integrates solar generation and energy storage with automated energy management. SolControl’s engaging and interactive user interface (UI) makes homeowners aware of when and how they are consuming energy. It puts cost-saving control into a gamified and easy-to-use smartphone application. SolControl also helps conserve electricity by autonomously learning usage habits and intuitively providing suggestions to further optimize power consumption.

With SolControl, anyone can manage and control the distribution and delivery of their solar power to individual appliances, individual rooms or to the entire home, which has never been done before.

SolControl provides a fun and immersive energy personalization experience that is completely unrivaled and that forms a new scalable product ecosystem that works with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Now users can be connected to their power at all times, from anywhere in the world.

SolPad: Personal Power, Anywhere in the World

SolPad is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful fully integrated IoT solar panel device in the world, representing a quantum leap in personal solar power. As a stand-alone device, SolPad

seamlessly integrates into your home’s power environment, yet can also be used outside the home for off-grid uses, such as recreational or humanitarian.

SolPad’s design uses a breakthrough unibody enclosure that houses solar power generation, energy storage and communication together as one fully integrated product. SolPad has two universal outlets that output grid-quality, pure sine wave AC power. It includes three fast-charging USB ports that provide unlimited smartphone charging when in direct sunlight. And if you need more AC power, you can add more power: A standard IEC power outlet links two or more panels together. SolPad includes the same “flexgrid” inverter technology found in SolPad Home, so increasing your available AC power is as simple as linking two or more panels together.

Integrating SolPad into your home is as easy as plugging SolPad into one of your home’s outdoor outlets. Once connected, SolPad delivers solar energy into your home. SolPad works with SolControl hardware and software, allowing you to decide which specific items to run with stored solar power, such as a coffee maker, television or lights. SolControl also includes built-in home automation technology for automated home energy management, giving you total control over your solar power, and an elegant and efficient way to add solar power to a home, townhome or apartment.

Behind SolPad’s easy-to-use UI is sophisticated technology that has many thoughtful features aimed at enhancing and personalizing the energy experience. SolPad is a solar panel that literally speaks to you. Fun, engaging and helpful, SolPad tells you useful information, such as how much power you’re collecting and how much power you’re using, and will even remind you when to turn things off. A talking digital compass guides you through positioning SolPad so you can collect maximum solar energy throughout the day. With built-in tap recognition technology, tapping anywhere on SolPad is a quick way to get updates on your personal power consumption.

One of the most revolutionary features of SolPad is that it also acts as a powerful internet hot spot. Now, consumers can have power and the web in one place. This feature is especially valuable in developing countries where both power and the internet are not readily available.

SolPad meets the energy demands of any power situation, whether for outdoor recreational activity, emergency backup power or for a smaller home, apartment or condo. SolPad can create its own stand-alone solar micro-grid and deliver power to RVs, boats and construction sites.

For the developing world, SolPad can bring power to those in need where a grid infrastructure is nonexistent. There are billions of people who don’t have access to AC power or internet. SolPad will empower people around the world and leave a lasting, positive impact for future generations in the developing world.

SunCulture Solar is selecting its manufacturing partners for SolPad and SolPad Home, and will bring SolPad to market in the second half of 2017. The full product release timeline and pricing will be available once manufacturing plans are finalized.

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About SunCulture Solar Inc.

SunCulture Solar was formed in 2012 and is the designer and manufacturer of the SolPad series of personal energy products. With SolPad, our mission has always been to disrupt the conventional sustainable energy landscape by delivering the world’s first 100% fully integrated, user-friendly solar energy products that provide the best, most powerful and most cost-effective green energy solutions for the sustainable smart home and off-grid power environments. SolPad’s series of products are designed to empower consumers, giving them the ability to choose energy reliance on clean power to reduce their carbon footprint. SunCulture Solar Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California.