SOLS, the leader in the 3D printing space and pioneer of custom mass manufacturing of orthotics, is featuring its predictive vision for the future of footwear – ADAPTIV – at the interactive showcase for FAST –AW15, a NBA All Star Weekend event on Saturday, February 14th at Milk Studios. Hosted By Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks (Co-founder of Melo7 Tech Partners), Katalyst Live, MADE and Intel. The event will also take place during New York Fashion Week and attract tech, sports and fashion enthusiasts to witness two live panel discussions on the future of footwear and a world-class exhibit of ADAPTIV.

The concept for ADAPTIV combines biomechanics, fashion, and cutting edge robotics that make the vision clear and empower the wearer. Being the first of its kind – the footwear prototype introduces adaptive, responsive, and transformative technology. “Inspired by cutting edge advancements in soft robotics, we saw an opportunity to design a responsive cellular structure that mimics the wearer’s unique biomechanics while responding to movement. ADAPTIV is the next step in the evolution of footwear,” said CEO of SOLS, Kegan Schouwenburg. Shapeways, a 3D printing company in Manhattan, printed ADAPTIV in elasto plastic. Additionally, Continuum Fashion collaborated with SOLS on the design and Super Releaser on the soft robotics.

ADAPTIV is a modular shoe concept, glue and waste-free, made on demand and custom for the wearer. The SOLS exhibit will also introduce its Instant Adaptability theory, which means that your footwear will constantly be adjusting itself to your body’s shifts and motions. SOLS Lead Industrial Designer, Jordan Diatlo said, “With a system of gyroscopes and pressure sensors, ADAPTIV moves air pressure throughout the shoe to support your body’s shifts and motions.” With every step, individuals will have infallible shock absorption and have the perfect posture. “My interests in emerging technologies such as soft robotics, shape memory alloys and multi-material 3D printers largely influenced the concept of Instant Adaptability,” he concluded.

“300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year and I believe 3D printing has the potential to change that,” said Schouwenburg.

The company enlisted the help of Fashion Designer, Katie Gallagher, to create the look of the model, who will wear the concept footwear in the SOLS descriptive presentation.  SOLS joins Nike and nine key tech start-ups to display a one-of-a-kind crossover showcase of emerging tech products + innovations across Mobile, Wearables, IoT, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Media, Design, Health and Fitness.

SOLS has been addressing the issue of comfort, longevity and the design of footwear with advanced technology that caters to any individual lifestyle. The company is driving the conversation by redesigning the way people move through mass customized 3D printed footwear, its advanced easy-to-use mobile app and its expertise in industrial design and manufacturing.

Design is at the core of SOLS, with a keen focus on 3D printing and mass customization. SOLS’ exhibit at the FAST – AW15 NBA All Star event will continue the conversation on its mission to change the entire footwear industry through innovative technologies. For more information on the event, please go to


Founded in 2013, SOLS Systems is the technology company re-engineering the way individuals walk by bringing one of the world’s first applications of 3D printing to the consumer market. The launch product, SOLS, is a dynamic insole customized for every unique individual. SOLS is headquartered and produced exclusively in NYC. All SOLS products are made in the USA. For more information please visit