SoftBank Robotics America Pepper

SoftBank Robotics America released the first of several out-of-the box software solutions for Pepper, the humanoid robot. The suite launches with Promoter, a content management solution for marketers, which was developed in partnership with Solstice Consulting. Promoter and all products in SBRA’s new software suite will be designed with the non-technical user in mind and will let businesses customize Pepper without the need for expensive technical overhead, development or prowess.

“To ensure accessibility and ease of use, we are developing a new suite of out-of-the-box solutions so anyone can utilize Pepper’s capabilities,” said Steve Carlin, Chief Strategy Officer at SoftBank Robotics America. “There are still many ways to customize Pepper and create one-of-a-kind customer experiences. Promoter will give businesses a simple solution to easily integrate Pepper into their business and start engaging with their customers in a new way.”

“We’re excited to be a lead development partner for Pepper and to work alongside SoftBank Robotics on the new promoter software solution,” said Andy Whiting, VP of Business Development at Solstice. “With its turnkey approach, Promoter will enable every marketer to produce remarkable customer experiences and to easily integrate Pepper into their marketing mix.”

Pepper Promoter Solution Overview:

SBRA’s Promoter solution serves as a streamlined, intuitive way for marketers to tap into Pepper’s consumer appeal, and manage the robot’s interactions with customers to support marketing needs such as brand campaigns, loyalty programs, sales and special offers. To integrate Promoter into a business’s customer experience, marketers can simply upload existing campaign assets from anywhere. Once the assets and brand messages are loaded into the Promoter Web App, the user launches the content and a complete campaign is instantly communicated via Pepper. In addition to the personalization Promoter will offer marketers, it will come installed with predefined animations for Pepper that can be used for even deeper engagement with customers or to reward them for their time spent with Pepper and the brand.

Promoter will also offer simple tools to measure and analyze campaign conversion and other metrics. Pepper bridges the online to offline gap that today’s marketers struggle to connect by using text messages to drive traffic back to websites or mobile apps once customers enter a phone number on Pepper’s interface. Additionally, Pepper can qualify a shopper and recommend products based on gender, age or even the customers’ mood or emotional response. Pepper can then deliver a sales or marketing message in a repeatable and engaging way, leaving shoppers with a rewarding and memorable interaction.

First Adopter: C Spire

C Spire, a Mississippi-based telecommunications and technology services company, is one of SBRA’s first adopters for the Pepper Promoter solution.

The company, which operates the nation’s largest privately held mobile services unit and the 6th largest in the U.S., serves over 1 million customers, providing an array services including voice, data and Internet access as well as a suite of IP Voice and cloud services to consumer, business and government users.

“As a company that gets its inspiration from our customers, we’re excited to partner with SBRA to usher in a new era of technology innovation through robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said C Spire President Stephen Bye.

Bye said C Spire anticipates using Pepper in its retail, marketing, and customer service operations to help improve consumer awareness, drive engagement and increase interest in company products, services and programs. “This is the next great technology frontier,” he added.

Interested retailers can begin reserving Peppers starting July 2017 with packages starting from $25,000.