Spec Sensors CO Gas sensor

SPEC Sensors’ ultra-low-power gas sensors are now available globally through Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, as part of a new distribution agreement between the two companies.

“SPEC Sensors views our global distribution partnership with Digi-Key as a great opportunity to reach out to the electronics design community with the next generation of high-performance electrochemical gas sensors,” stattes Brian Kinkade, VP Marketing and Sales at SPEC Sensors. “We believe Digi-Key’s customers will take our small, reliable and low-power sensors and create some amazing, unprecedented new products in the market.”

SPEC Sensors specializes in low profile, ultra-low-power gas sensors that enable the integration of high performance gas sensing. Small form factor and low power make the product offering ideal for IoT applications including gas sensing in industrial, agricultural, home, and safety, as well as indoor and outdoor air quality.

“Digi-Key is extremely excited to partner with SPEC Sensors,” said David Stein, VP Global Semiconductors at Digi-Key. “Their advanced sensor offering includes gas and air quality sensors ideal for the rapidly growing IoT markets of smart cities, building automation, and industrial wearable devices. Combined with Digi-Key’s broad embedded, sensor, and wireless portfolio, our customers will benefit from these industry leading low-power and small form factor sensors.”

For more information about SPEC Sensors and to see their entire product offering, visit www.digikey.com.