Smart Technologies to better enable connected cities, governments, enterprises and consumers will take centre stage when CommunicAsia2015, EnterpriseIT2015 and BroadcastAsia2015 returns to Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 2 – 5 June 2015.

Set against a backdrop of more than seven billion[1] global mobile connections and US$59 billion to be spent inAsia Pacific to enable Internet of Things (IoT) [3], the events bring together more than 1,800 exhibitors from 56 countries and regions to showcase the latest technologies keeping today’s digital world in motion and moving forward. Highlights include innovations in 5G, Big Data, Cloud, Connected Devices, IoT and over-the-top (OTT).

Enabling cities and governments:

Governments around the world have been investing in technology to enhance city automation and improve efficiencies in areas such as transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, logistics and energy consumption. Giving attendees a flavour of what they can expect, here are some examples:

  • Huawei, will be demonstrating at CommunicAsia2015 how their solutions can open roads to a better connected world, through innovative and fun technologies such as the Eye Robot and Smart Lamp Post which help with public safety and surveillance.
  • Singapore company, Mobiquest, will be introducing netBin to Asia. This is the region’s first Smart Bin Management System aimed to increase efficiency of city wide trash removal. The solution has sensors that send out notifications when bins are full with waste to help with the route planning of cleaners. Smart technologies like these showcase new ways of maintaining city cleanliness by minimising overflowing bins, and working towards a more efficient and safer collection service. Mobiquest will also be showcasing AquaSmart, an environment monitoring platform that tracks air pollution, noise level, and more, to help create more livable cities.
  • Skyshot, a Singapore company and Asia’s leading specialist in time-lapse and aerial cinematography, will be showcasing the TBox Titan, the only armoured, weather-proof time-lapse camera system in the world capable of delivering 8K resolution for long duration (up to six years) time-lapse. To launch globally at BroadcastAsia2015, the TBox Titan is ideal for documenting building constructions, ship-building and engineering processes. Also a drone systems integrator, Skyshot utilises drones from makers such as DJI, to design creative aerial solutions across multiple industries.

Enabling enterprises:

Aided by IoT, the digital universe is expected to double in size every two years and will multiply by 10-fold to 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020[2]. The huge amount of Big Data brings abundant opportunities for businesses to better understand their customers, determine opportunities to innovate and be more productive. The events will also give attendees the opportunity to see how technology can enable smart enterprises, with examples including:

  • Singapore based company, DFRC, will be showcasing City Analyser, a system that enables analysis and investigation on crowd movements and behaviour. This is achieved by extracting accurate and anonymous information about footfall, stay duration, mobility, distribution and demographics, through passively listening to mobile phone signals. This provide insights critical to improving business environment blueprints and work processes through more accurate determination of crowd habits, enabling targeted and location-based offers.

“Year on year, we have brought insights and innovations of the latest and best from around the world to the events. Addressing the opportunities and challenges of current trends, the events have been the platforms where stalwart brands like Huawei launch new innovations and impart knowledge. In line with industry trends of 5G, cloud, big data, IoT, security and more, the 2015 programme focuses on empowering smart businesses and cities for this world of global connectivity,” said Ms. Agnes Leung, Assistant Project Director, CommunicAsia & EnterpriseIT, Singapore Exhibition Services.

Enabling connected lifestyles:

Proliferated demand for multiscreen viewing and OTT has resulted in more and more consumers accessing information and video content on their smart devices, anywhere and at any time. Continued innovation has played a huge role in enabling an upwardly mobile lifestyle.

  • Ooyala’s recent Global Video Index[3] found that 34 per cent of all video plays were on tablets and smartphones. TV content consumption is no longer confined to the space of the living room, with consumers taking control of when and where they want to view their favourite programmes. Ooyala, in enabling the delivery of TV everywhere through Big Data, makes it possible for broadcasters and businesses to bring to audiences, the personalised videos they want on any screen – be it mobile, tablets or TV. They will be showcasing solutions on how the broadcasting and media industries can leverage analytics to determine and generate new revenue streams, better manage advertisements and monetise platforms.

“Accessibility to mobile devices and connectivity has changed the way people consume content, resulting in cord-cutting and TV everywhere trends. Alongside Asia’s changing consumption patterns, we designed our programmes to reflect the latest in OTT technology, insight to media analytics, cord-cutting and more, catering to audiences around the region. BroadcastAsia continues to deliver value by providing insight and best practices from industry leaders, and maintaining a platform where visitors can experience the latest developments firsthand,” said Mr. Calvin Koh, Assistant Project Director, BroadcastAsia, Singapore Exhibition Services.