Spreadtrum Security
Photo source: www.twitter.com/spreadtrum

Spreadtrum, a leading fabless semiconductor company inChina with advanced technology in 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless communication standards, announced a strategic cooperation with YunOS in terms of IoT security — the safeguarding of connected devices and networks in the Internet of Things (IoT). The two companies plan to develop an IoT security ecosystem in China by jointly developing IoT Yun on Chip (YoC) based on ID2, China’s first international IoT standard.

In the era of connected devices, IoT is widely applied across several sectors such as the smart home, connected vehicles, wearable devices and Industry 4.0 applications — the automation and exchange of data in manufacturing technologies, creating more value for the entire industry and users. Due to issues concerning the wide diversity of devices that are within the scope of IoT, the complexity and the inherent instability as a result of lack of security in the network, IoT security has quickly been identified as a non-negligible challenge.

To address these challenges, Spreadtrum and YunOS chose to join forces where they could innovatively collaborate, creating a safe and complete one-stop solution, covering hardware, operating systems and cloud platforms. The solution will be equipped with Spreadtrum’s IoT chip and run on the YunOS operating system, providing a safe, reliable and easily accessible IoT access platform solution. Spreadtrum’s wide range of existing connection technologies will allow users to choose from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other short-range connection technologies, as well as 2G/3G/4G WAN connection solutions, helping the developers significantly reduce their product development cycle and focus on the value-added services provided by customized products as well as accelerate the time-to-market for innovative IoT security-based products. Based on the solution, the two companies plan to release a white paper on YoC IoT security in an effort to boost the development of China’s IoT security industry ecosystem.

“Spreadtrum and YunOS have laid a solid foundation for cooperation. In terms of mobile devices, more than 10 million mobile phones that support YunOS based on Spreadtrum’s chip platform have been sold,” Dr. Leo Li, Chairman and CEO of Spreadtrum Communications, said. “This strategic cooperation in IoT security is an extension of the current relationship between the two companies. By working with YunOS, we look forward to providing more secure chip-to-cloud services and experience for IoT users, enabling secure connections between people, things and services.”

Mr. Zhang Chunhui, President of OS Business Group at Alibaba, said, “We are honored to have the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Spreadtrum. As an internet-enabled operating system, YunOS must have secure underlying capacities and infrastructure in place while providing cloud-based integrated connection services. We believe that through the cooperation with Spreadtrum, YunOS will be able to build a complete and systematic IoT network, which, in turn, will allow us to provide more complete and secure IoT services to its customers.”

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