Earlier this week, Sprint announced collaborations with Swisscom and Telia Company to extend the Sprint Curiosity™ Internet of Things platform to Europe. On the heels of the Australian expansion with Telstra, Curiosity IoT continues to go beyond roaming, enabling customers to activate their IoT solutions on local networks in parts of Europe. This will help customers to reduce roundtrip time and improve performance of their IoT applications by keeping traffic local. Swisscom and Telia Company customers will now also be able to better serve their customers in the U.S.

Extending global reach & management
Sprint Curiosity IoT is designed to optimize the ever-growing global IoT environment by bringing the network to the data. With in-country access using a local profile now available in 8 countries, Sprint is helping its customer’s transform how they connect and manage IoT applications around the world.

Curiosity simplifies business operations through centralized management of IoT devices no matter where in the world they are deployed. The Curiosity platform gives customers complete control over device profiles and configurations, with a single point of contact. Behind the scenes, each operator exchanges information with each other for visibility to all SIMs, powered by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator.

“We are realizing our vision to make the Curiosity IoT operating environment locally accessible to meet customer’s needs in Europe,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development for Sprint. “We are proud to be working with Swisscom and Telia – leading operators in their respective areas of Europe – to provide full visibility across international IoT deployments through the Curiosity IoT platform.”

“IoT Accelerator delivers a dedicated IoT connectivity platform enabling Sprint, together with their partners, to scale their services globally. Improving interoperability and delivering the most robust IoT network to the IoT Accelerator Community,” said Kiva Allgood, head of IoT at Ericsson.

Going beyond roaming with local profiles
A local profile allows an IoT device to connect to the corresponding carrier’s network. The IoT device looks like a local subscriber, while maintaining all visibility in Curiosity. Sprint has enabled eUICC or electronic SIM (eSim) capability for secure, instant switching of SIM profiles over the air. This is useful when an IoT device moves to different countries worldwide or is deployed in countries where permanent roaming is not allowed. Customers can switch networks without having to touch the IoT device.

“The relationship with Sprint enables new options for both Swiss and U.S.-based companies that further simplify the deployment of international IoT solutions,” said Julian Dömer, head of IoT Swisscom B2B.

”For IoT to reach its full potential, it can’t be limited by borders,” said Björn Hansen, head of Telia IoT. “That’s why we’re really excited to be working with Sprint on this. It’s great for their global customers and it’s great for ours”.

Taking a fresh approach to IoT, Sprint Curiosity is changing the way IoT is managed around the world. Its dedicated, virtualized and distributed core network coupled with an operating system purpose-built for IoT – is helping to create ideal conditions to deliver high bandwidth, low latency performance and high availability of critical data generated by IoT devices.

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