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The domain-validated (DV) Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificate market is changing dramatically due to new management and purchasing options, such as the certificates-as-a-service model (CtaaS), new distribution channels, and evolving pricing models. The availability of free DV certificates through Let’s Encrypt and cloud services companies is undermining the price of all types of SSL/TLS certificates and forcing companies, which make the majority of their revenue from (DV) certificates, to rethink the sustainability of their business.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis on the SSL/TLS Certificates Market, reveals how certificate authorities are creating customer value beyond SSL/TLS certificate (Internet of Things, Digital Signatures, Device Authentication), as well as top competitors in the market today.

SSL/TLS certificates are based on mature technology. While there may be creative differences from different vendors within the CA/Browser Forum, the highly codified nature of SSL/TLS certificate standards make competitive differentiation (at least concerning the certificate itself) difficult.

“Certificate authorities (CA) need to explain the complete sequence of services and all that is entailed in the SSL/TLS certificate ownership chain,” stated Frost & Sullivan Network Security Senior Analyst Christopher Kissel. “Both public and private root systems for device, site, and server authentication will be needed as Internet of Things (IoT) evolves.”

Providers should ensure that the issuance of a SSL/TLS certificate adds value beyond the certificate itself by offering key management, inventory, technical support, and limited website protection services. They must also augment the SSL/TLS certificate with other digital signature services, and use public and private root hierarchies for the development of IoT.

“In order to build a sustainable business and remain competitive, CAs should continue to add a variety of digital certificate and digital signature services to their portfolio and work toward becoming a full service company,” noted Kissel.

SSL/TLS Certificates Market, is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Network Security Growth Partnership Service Program which includes insights on advanced sandbox techniques, intrusion prevention and detection systems, managed and professional security services, and knowledge-based security (VM, NAC, and SIEM).

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