AHS Service

Strategy Analytics announced the launch of its new service, Advanced HMI Strategies (AHS), as part of the User Experience Innovation Practice. Defining opportunities for success in the emerging market for advanced user interfaces, this service will deliver a 360-degree view of the market for clients, publishing both industry and consumer/user research on each of the technologies it tracks including: sensors, biometrics, brain-machine interfaces, gesture & haptics, voice HMI, advanced displays, smart surfaces, XR, holography and advanced audio interfaces.

“We are delighted to bring this new service to clients of the UX Innovation Practice. Advanced HMI technologies will shape future user interfaces of a whole host of connected devices, from hand-held mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, to connected devices in the home such as smart speakers and smart thermostats. We are also seeing more and more novel HMIs in-vehicle. This service will help to provide an overview of market and consumer trends, and highlight key factors impacting future industry development, while also offering strategic guidance for success.”, said Chris Schreiner, Director of Syndicated UX Research, UXIP.

Added Kevin Nolan, VP UXIP, “Not only we will be able to offer global historical data and five-year unit, revenue and installed base forecasts, we will also be identifying key players in the industry, their USPs and value propositions. Coupled with consumer insights and UX recommendations, we will offer a unique 360-degree overview of a range of advanced HMIs. And as the service evolves and technology moves on, so will new technologies be added to our research program. Any clients subscribing to the service will also have the opportunity to guide our research content. It is truly an exiting time for the UX Innovation Practice.”