Frost & Sullivan IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting and transforming business models for companies and governments. With the promise of generating revenues or reducing costs, Internet of Things has a lot to live up to. At this year’s Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL): Silicon Valley event, taking place September 11 to 13, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA, Frost & Sullivan will leverage new research with specific use cases to help organizations maximize their potential with IoT.

IoT transcends across various industries and vertical markets with solutions that range from automotive to healthcare to energy. During the session titled, Monetizing the Internet of Things: How Organizations Are Making or Saving Money with Internet of Things, participants will gain insight on the following:

  • An assessment of the relevance and importance of Internet of Things
  • Key areas where IoT could help organizations save money
  • Use cases illustrating how businesses have maximized their potential with IoT.

The session will be followed by an interactive panel discussion led by industry leaders who will reveal how they work with organizations across the planning sessions, from deployment to post-deployment, with the goal of helping them save money and monetize their investments in IoT.

“The Internet of Things is hyped as the next Industrial Revolution,” states Frost & Sullivan Internet of Things Industry Principal Dilip Sarangan. “However, the business case for enterprises to adopt IoT is unclear. In this session, our goal is to build the case for IoT by providing a platform for industry leaders to showcase their efforts in helping customers generate new revenue streams and increase their own operating margins.”

The event also includes additional Think Tanks that focus on other industry landscapes, such as the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and the transforming ecosystem of the automotive industry.

GIL 2016: Silicon Valley is an opportunity to gain new insight and perspective on business and technology issues that matter most, now and in the future. It is where participants will collaborate in real time with other innovative and visionary thinkers, and push beyond their personal and organizational boundaries to create the future.

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