ParStream, Integrated Device Technology and Orange Silicon Valley recently announced that they have proven a prototype appliance capable of executing fast queries on large data sets using standard processors connected via IDT’s low latency 20 Gbps RapidIO interconnect technology. This rapid prototyping activity, which is a fusion of low latency and fast database processes on a heterogeneous, energy-efficient computing platform, was piloted by Orange Silicon Valley, a fully-owned innovation subsidiary of global telecommunications operator, Orange. This appliance prototype enables performance-critical computation based on fast databases to be pushed to the very edge of the telecom network.

ParStream provides the industry’s first analytics platform for the IoT. The platform helps companies generate timely, actionable insights from IoT data by providing highly innovative and differentiated ways to analyze streaming and historical data in a way that is faster, more flexible and closer to the source.

The hardware platform for the joint solution is based on an industry standard server and switching platform that contains a high performance cluster of multi-node processors connected via the low latency RapidIO interconnect system in a 1U server. The platform can support a range of multi-core processing nodes with over 300 Gbps of embedded 100 ns switching inside each 1U appliance. The scalable fabric provides a 14Gb/s link between each compute node in this multi-node cluster, and provides significantly higher fabric utilization and node-to-node communication. Similar hardware appliances can be used in a standalone base station deployment, while multiple appliances can be aggregated with top of rack RapidIO switching in a C-RAN or central office configuration.

Working with ParStream and IDT, Orange Silicon Valley has demonstrated and integrated the high-performance data base appliance prototype onto the RapidIO-based low latency cluster. The solution enables end users to create applications that can query massive volumes of data in near real time. For demonstration purposes, a synthetic data set was generated that was representative of a telecom call detail record. It is possible to scale the system to query 25 billion CDRs within 300 milliseconds of response time, thereby providing the end user with real time interactive capability over massive volumes of data. This level of performance with small size, weight and power (SwaP) appliances that have Super Computing capability is a game changer for various applications, including network health monitoring, cyber defense and emerging IoT uses.

“When high-performance database software is combined with fault-tolerant low- latency RapidIO fabric with superior fabric utilization, it is possible to ingest and analyze high-volume data,” said Mohammad Akhter, Director of the Architecture, Interconnect and Connectivity Division at IDT.

“The joint solution combines the high-end performance of IDT’s interconnect silicon with the efficiency and real-time capabilities of Parstream. This appliance prototype with Orange Silicon Valley and IDT will allow us to empower enterprise users to co-locate datacenter functions at the very edge of the network,” says ParStream COO, Joerg Bienert.

“By integrating the real-time capabilities of a fast analytics database in energy-efficient microservers scaled out in a low-latency, hyperscale fabric, we can maximize the efficiency of our existing telecom infrastructure. By empowering the application owners with massive data processing capability at the very edge of our networks, this could enable us to optimize our quality of service,” said Jérome Laudouar, VP, IT Infrastructure Technologies & Engineering of Orange.

The companies showcased the technologies at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain at Parstream’s booth in Hall 8, Stand C25 in the Exhibition and Theatre District.

About ParStream

ParStream is the industry’s leading IoT analytics platform company. The ParStream analytics platform was purpose-built for scale to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data. ParStream’s platform delivers a new breed of analytics for the enterprise, such as Geo-Distributed Analytics, which enables analytics at the edge. ParStream has earned multiple accolades including the M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award, CIO Magazine #1 Big Data Startup, and Gartner Cool Vendor. ParStream is based in Silicon Valley, online at