SuperCom, a global provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, Public Safety, HealthCare, and Finance sectors announced that its M2M (IoT) division has signed a $2.5 million agreement to deliver its PureLock suite – a hybrid of products and applications for the tracking and monitoring of assets customized for the Transportation and Cargo/Freight management sector.

The agreement is with a large Cargo Management organization in South America to deliver PureLock solutions for Cargo tracking and monitoring in various locations and transportation routes throughout the continent, with significant potential to increase the quantity and value represented in the original agreement.

The PureLock Suite is a best-of-breed Electronic Seal and Cargo Tracking and Monitoring platform. SuperCom has leveraged its existing technology base to introduce innovative features such as secure cloud technologies, mobile/GPS applications, locker tamper and customizable alerts, high performance analytics, secure real time location and extremely long battery life. The PureLock Suite provides Transportation and Cargo Management organizations a complete end-to-end electronic monitoring solution to keep track of assets, which is accurate, reliable and flexible.

The Company has begun offering this enhanced suite to customers in the US, Europe, South America and Africa.

Commented Arie Trabelsi, “We have leveraged our core electronic monitoring, M2M and Secure IoT(Internet of Things) technologies into the Transportation and Cargo Management market. This is a market where there is a very significant need for strong and scalable technologies which can reliably monitor and track assets from remote locations. To illustrate the scale of the need, the freight management industry is expected to exceed $39B in market size by 2019, representing a CAGR of over 22% from 2014. We believe our solution can be increasingly important to the growing needs of improvement in operational efficiencies, security and reliability, and significantly lower the costs of cargo management asset tracking. As we continue launching our suite into more locations and organizations around the world, we hope the technological advantages will be easily apparent leading us to quickly grow our market share.”

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