Supermicro Atom C3000

Super Micro Computer, Inc. introduced a full suite of all-in-one solutions optimized for the growing Embedded Appliance, Intelligent Datacenter and Network Edge markets. Supermicro’s compact systems and motherboards optimized with the new Intel® Atom™ C3000 (Denverton) SoC feature lower thermal and power requirements and can improve performance by 2.5X compared to the previous generation.

Supermicro’s new A2 series motherboards feature 2 to 16 Atom cores, up to 128GB ECC memory, quad 10G SFP+ or RJ45 ports and up to 7 years long life. Supermicro A2SDi series motherboards are optimized for low-power servers, storage appliances, or web hosting applications and are integrated with Intel® QuickAssist technology (QAT) for network security appliances. These new low power full-featured motherboards extend the foundation of Supermicro’s embedded Server Building Block Solutions® and expand its growing line of products targeting transportation and communications infrastructure, retail applications, digital signage, industrial automation, digital security and surveillance, cloud and cold storage, medical imaging and network/security appliances.

“Our new Atom C3000 solutions can deliver 2.5X more performance to the Edge, which helps increase overall enterprise efficiency and drives improved competitiveness and productivity,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “As the embedded server market continues to evolve, Supermicro has become the solution provider of choice with enterprise-class engineering, manufacturing and support expertise in this area.”

Supermicro offers a COTS (commodity off the shelf) model with standard form factors, namely Flex and mini-ITX motherboards, to provide customers with flexible access to the industry’s most extensive selection of building blocks optimized for a wide range of applications including vCPE, NFV, SDN and SD-WAN. For system form factors, solutions range from 1U box and compact 1U rackmount to mini-tower and even a 3U MicroCloud system designed for entry-level dedicated hosting and memory caching applications.

In addition to the full suite of compact systems with lower thermal and power requirements, Supermicro customers can choose between AC or DC power supplies and fan-less options. Networking and storage expansion capabilities with mini-PCIE and M.2 sockets make it easy to scale application hosting and storage.

Supermicro is launching the following Atom C3000 servers and motherboards today:

5029A-2TN4 – mini-tower server with 9-watt Atom C3338
E200-9A – 1U Box virtualization server with 16-watt Atom C3558
5019A-FTN4 – compact 1U network security appliance with Atom C3758
E300-9A – 1U Box network security appliance with 25-watt Atom C3858
5019A-12TN4 – compact 1U network security/server appliance with Atom C3850

A2SDi-2C-HLN4F – 2-core Atom C3338 with up to 64GB memory
A2SDi-4C-HLN4F – 4-core Atom C3558 with up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDi-8C/8C+-HLN4F – 8-core Atom C3758 with up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDi-12C-HLN4F – 12-core Atom C3858 with up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDi-H-TP4F – 16-core Atom C3958 with quad 10GbE and up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDi-H-TF – 8-core Atom C3758 with dual 10GbE and up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDi-TP8F – 12-core Atom C3858, quad 10G, quad 1G, up to 64GB SODIMM, M.2
A2SDi-LN4F – 12-core Atom C3850, quad 1G, and up to 64GB SODIMM, M.2
A2SDV-8C-TLN5F – 8-core Atom C3708, quad 10G and up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDV-12C+-TLN5F – 12-core Atom C3858, quad 10G, up to 128GB memory, M.2
A2SDV-16C-TLN5F – 16-core Atom C3958, quad 10G, up to 128GB memory, M.2

MicroCloud Systems
5039MA8-H12RFT – 3U with 12 nodes, 8-core Atom C3750
5039MA16-H12RFT – 3U with 12 nodes, 16-core Atom C3955