Nexus Product Navigator, Inc. announced full availability of SupportCam, a powerful remote video support service available within Nexus.

SupportCam addresses a major need in technical support: allowing the tech support representative to see exactly what a caller is looking at using the camera on the customer’s Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet. SupportCam works on any contact center agent’s computer running Mac OS® or Microsoft® Windows®. It runs on Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome® and Safari® web browsers.

“SupportCam extends the agent’s ability to troubleshoot and fix issues by letting him see anything the customer points his phone or tablet camera at – offline products, ports on a hub, wiring on the back of a television, or indicator lights on a connected device,” said Sampath Gomatam, Senior Vice President of Product at “This is especially important in the age of the connected home.”

A first: remote video service integrated with the leading support optimization solution

  • SupportCam is built right into Nexus, and is delivered along with real-time guidance on the agent’s computer screen.
  • SupportCam is based on day-to-day experiences of actual contact center representatives. has provided outsourced contact center services for more than a decade to some of the most recognized brands in cable and retail. Our agents handle more than 20,000 calls a day.
  • Unlike some similar products, there are no additional downloads needed.
  • New versions of SupportCam are available automatically within Nexus.
  • Data about the use of SupportCam is captured as part of powerful Nexus analytics for contact center managers.

The capabilities that SupportCam brings are vital to supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), where the number of connected devices is projected to reach as high as 50 billion by 2020, according to Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group.

And, as experienced support representatives well know, most consumers are not familiar with technical terminology or equipment and find it exasperating to describe what wire is attached where and exactly which lights are steady or blinking. This kind of poor customer experience becomes a thing of the past with SupportCam.

“This solution dramatically decreases the overall load on the support function, and greatly reduces frustration, enabling increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat purchases,” concluded Gomatam.

SupportCam integration with Nexus and Guided Paths™ delivers game-changing results

SupportCam is unique in the support marketplace because it streamlines the problem resolution process and is built right into Nexus, the flagship cloud-based software solution that functions like GPS for support agents. SupportCam works seamlessly with Nexus Guided Paths, which are at the heart of the Nexus ability to provide expert guidance to support representatives during live customer interactions.

Guided Paths also capture data on usage of SupportCam, providing analytical insights to support center managers on when and for how long SupportCam was used, and in which types of support issues. This allows Nexus users to continually optimize the support process, which can lead to much higher levels of customer satisfaction at far lower costs. SupportCam can also record the interaction for later review of the support session, for coaching and training purposes.

Product Availability

SupportCam is available immediately. More information and specifications are available at:

About Nexus

Nexus is a powerful, cloud-based solution for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) that integrates with existing contact center software and acts like a GPS for agents, presenting them with Guided Paths that provide “best practices” guidance during each customer interaction. In addition to showing agents the optimal route to resolution of complex problems, Nexus provides sophisticated tools like remote control and SupportCam, which uses the customer’s smartphone or tablet to show the agent what the customer is looking at. Nexus can help contact center managers increase customer satisfaction and lower support center costs by collecting detailed data about every step of every support interaction and then using advanced analytics to provide unprecedented insights into processes, agents and products.