SmartBin and the City of Sydney have joined forces to bring Smart City waste monitoring to residents in Darlinghurst. In an exciting initiative for the city, SmartBin’s Intelligent Monitoring solution has been deployed to optimize collections, combat clutter, illegal dumping and safety hazards in what has been named the Royston St. Underground Waste Storage Project.

In August 2014, dozens of 240 litre bins were replaced with a high-tech underground bin system accessible by residents using a secure pin system and featuring 1,100 litre steel Taylor bins to store the waste below ground. The only trouble is that the bins were filling up in an unpredictable pattern and residents were often confronted with over-filled chutes and nowhere to put their waste and recycling. This is where SmartBin™ came in.

Supporting the Sustainable Sydney 20130 vision, SmartBin™ sensors will now remotely monitor the fill-level of the Royston St. underground bins, allowing the City of Sydney and their waste contractors to see fill-levels at any time on the SmartBin Live IoT platform. The sensors also send email and text message alerts to key people if bins reach a pre-configured fill-threshold. The benefits of SmartBin™ are simple:

1) Collections occur only when needed.

2) Over-filling and scavenging are eliminated.

3) Collection costs are reduced.

4) Residents enjoy a world class eco-friendly waste management service.

SmartBin™ has solved similar problems in underground bin applications in Europe, working extensively with municipalities to bring efficiencies and quality of service to underground bin collections. Royston St. is the only example of the use of underground bins in Australia, whilst in Europe the practice is common with thousands in place on busy streets to reduce the frequency of servicing.

Hal Dobbins, Zero Waste Coordinator at City of Sydney says, “The Royston St. project is a good example of what’s achievable with innovative waste management solutions in small spaces. The streetscape has improved markedly after moving the bins underground, and now with the addition of the SmartBin™ sensors, we can provide a better service to Royston St. residents using real time monitoring of bin fill-levels to optimise collection frequencies.”

The Royston St. Project is just one of many Australian deployments of the SmartBin™ solution over the past year, with both private and public waste collectors adopting the Smart City technology. Head of Australian Operations, David Puxty, believes Australia can become one of the pioneers for forward thinking city management solutions like SmartBin. “We are thrilled with how Australia has responded to SmartBin™. Local Governments like the City of Sydney are embracing new ways to improve service to their citizens and it’s great to be a part of it. There is no question that Australia can lead the way as a Smart City hub.” said David.

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