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Leading IoT solutions providers will demonstrate a wide range of applications during this year’s PTC ThingWorx’s “LiveWorx 2016” event, to be held June 6 to 9 in Boston. Among these will be Huntsville, Alabama-based Synapse Wireless, who has teamed up with leading creative digital consultancy and IoT service provider Deloitte Digital. The team will demonstrate how to implement predictive maintenance alerts and actions in industrial machinery and equipment through the wireless-monitoring and control solution SNAP®, the Platform for Things® developed by Synapse. The application, demonstrated on a bench grinder, automatically aggregates and organizes machine-performance data in real time, providing a transparent view of system operations, including temperature, vibration and power consumption. The solution can allow businesses to predict major machine failures and outages and minimize the loss of production time associated with maintenance repairs, especially when applied to large-scale scenarios. This insight can extend the life of machines, increase plant safety, and optimize spare-parts handling.

SNAP is fueled by data aggregation and machine-learning analytics developed by Deloitte Digital and powered by the IoT platform ThingWorx. This collaborative approach to preventative maintenance detects common patterns associated with risks of problems or failure. The solution enables proactive preventative measures presented to the user on an interactive dashboard. A field-service software platform, such as ServiceMax, can automatically generate alerts to enable real-time service requests and trigger automated actions, such as a remote shutdown, via a wireless network.

SNAP is the ideal software architecture for industrial applications, with their often challenging and cumbersome environments. SNAP’s low-power, scalable communications platform makes it easy to integrate network management across a wide range of devices and allows for quick over-the-air updates so applications can be future-proofed and scripts adjusted when needed. SNAP has been deployed in thousands of applications and has become the go-to “sense-and-respond network” for industrial environments, providing true edge-data aggregation from the device to the cloud.

“This solution is a mere glimpse of what’s possible when you implement intelligent sensor technology alongside an analytics platform in the manufacturing or industrial space,” said Andy Daecher, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte Digital’s IoT practice leader. “Our customers are seeking new ways to improve common operational functions that have proved either costly or harmful to their lines of business. These new IoT technologies enable users to monitor everything from fluid levels, voltage, currency and pressure, to energy consumption, occupancy and movement. This added insight opens up a broad range of opportunities in manufacturing, including new revenue sources.”

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