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Through their presence on the French Pavilion at the MWC 2016, the standard bearers for innovation in the Paris region will be showcasing French excellence in digital technology, plus the creative dynamism of the open innovation supported by the cluster, all on the international stage.

In IoT:

  • Cleantech player OLEDCOMM, a LiFi technology leader with GeoLifi (for museums and retail) and LiFiNet (for hospitals and public authorities), will unveil the very first Lifi development platform for connected objects and wireless communications market.
  • Meanwhile, network operator QOWISIO will present its own dual mode UNB/LoRa public network dedicated to connected objects. By adding this solution to its offering – which also includes remote management solutions (RMS) -, QOWISIO can now deliver expertise across the whole IoT value chain. And by its support for a connected object development cycle of less than 3 months, QOWISIO’s ambition is no less than to connect billions of objects worldwide.

In quality of user experience:

  • ip-label, a key player in the APM market, will be presenting its unique offering for measuring the performance of mobile applications. ip-label’s APM Mobile offer is the most comprehensive on the market: it combines active supervision (24/7 test robots) with real-user monitoring. In parallel, ip-label is exhibiting an offer developed on the back of collaborative R&D project PoQEMoN conducted with business school HEC Paris and targeting the quality of mobile networks and services.

In network quality:

  • BOOSTEDGE, which develops Internet traffic flow acceleration and optimization solutions, is launching “Petacache”, a latest generation hybrid cache technology dedicated to operators. BoostEdge solutions reduce the response time of applications, secure connections, save bandwidth and reduce data roaming costs.

And finally, addressing the challenges of digital trust: 

  • DEVERYWARE, the specialist in location-based services, will present its latest solutions in the field of smart & safe city and location-based shopping tips and ideas.
  • OODRIVE, one of the pioneer cloud solution publishers in Europe, will present its new “Oodrive Personal Cloud” offer. Oodrive offers white label solutions for major players in digital and services, and is able to compete with major US players thanks to crucial differentiation in terms of absolute commitment to data protection and user privacy.

Responding in novel ways to the challenges of digital trust, network quality and IoT, these innovations are guided and supported by the recent developments in 5G, cloud, virtualization and IT security (personal data, access, mobile applications, network, etc.), and at the same time open up new perspectives for development.

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