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Tata Consultancy Services, a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced that it has been recognized as a “Leader” in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment (NEAT) Report 2016, authored by Mike Smart.

The NEAT Report analyzed and identified the overall performance of top global vendors offering Internet of Things services, with a specific focus on IoT application services, secure Internet of Things infrastructure management and for new business model development. NelsonHall predicts that the global Internet of Things market is to experience a growth of 54 percent CAGR by 2020, and will reach a market size of more than $9 billion.

Mike Smart, Research Analyst at NelsonHall and author of the Internet of Things NEAT report 2016, said, “TCS has been developing its Internet of Things portfolio based around five digital forces: big data analytics, mobility and pervasive computing, cloud, AI and robotics, and social media. Its end-to-end services can move clients through IoT consulting and ideation in its Digital Reimagination centers, to development, systems integration and management of IoT solutions. The wide range of TCS’ IoT clients is supported through a number of IoT processes such as its Sensor Data Analytics Framework (SDAF).”

TCS’ success is attributed to its strong and growing client relationships and the ability to be agile and highly flexible in meeting their needs. With Internet of Things being a fundamental part of TCS’ Digital Reimagination™ process, TCS’ consulting services help businesses to identify Internet of Things opportunities and build business strategies to transform into fully optimized, IoT-enabled and connected enterprises. TCS’ Internet of Things portfolio includes a host of industry specific offerings and deep expertise to integrate all components of an end-to-end Internet of Things solution. Examples of such Internet of Things building blocks include the TCS Sensor Data Analytics Framework, “out-of-the-box” applications based on advanced big data and advanced machine learning algorithms, innovative visualization capabilities, tool sets to enable cloud deployment, and mobile apps leveraging Internet of Things data.

“The Internet-of-Things has the potential to fundamentally reimagine businesses in many of the industries we serve, and data transparency enabled by Internet of Things is helping to create new business models and service offerings, thereby creating substantial incremental revenue,” said Dr. Ramaswamy, Global Head of TCS’ Digital Enterprise unit.  “IoT is also enabling new brand value by creating segments-of-one as opposed to gross segmentation. TCS is pleased to be recognized as a leading IoT service provider by NelsonHall and looks forward to spearheading IoT-enabled Digital Reimagination™ journeys for many of its customers moving forward.”

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