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Tech Mahindra, a specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering, announced plans to build IoT solutions by utilizing the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. This announcement aims to create a set of new customer experience by integrating the entire value chain of client businesses through product conceptualization, development, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services.

Tech Mahindra, with its vision of ‘Connected World, Connected Solutions’, is uniquely positioned to synergize on the three important tenets of IOT implementation – connected front-end Devices/Sensors, a robust platform providing data hub/analytics offerings and the integration of the back-end with enterprise systems to complete the value chain impact.

Tech Mahindra will focus on addressing a variety of business needs with offerings such as connected vehicles, connected aircraft connected care, connected industrial equipments, connected factories, connected homes and connected cities, which are built around its industry-leading innovative Connected Engineering Framework implementing the IOT architecture.

Tech Mahindra plans to launch an IoT Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, India, to focus on building solutions across industry by utilizing the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, toward enriching the end-customer experience. The company plans to launch Customer Experience Centers in other geographies such as the US, Europe, Indiaand China to allow customers and organizations to experience digital solutions with measurable outcomes.

CP Gurnani, Managing Director & CEO, Tech Mahindra, said, “We believe IOT-enabled digital business transformation will create significant opportunities in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and energy segments for both the organizations. We are excited about enhancing our relationship with Microsoft, which will enable our clients derive significant value in their transformation journey.”

“We believe that TechM’s IoT Customer Experience Center, coupled with a sharp industry focus and depth of experience around the IoT value chain, will enable our customers to drive increased efficiency and productivity in their businesses,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, president, Microsoft International

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