This report analyses global telecom market sector trends with a focus on those occurring for Big Data, M2M, Collaborative Consumption, Wearable technology, 5G and Cloud Computing, while unique insights are supported by case studies, examples, company information and key statistics.

Complete market research report on Global Telecoms Trends for 2016 – Big Data, M2M, Sharing Economy, Wearables, 5G spread across 117 pages, supported with 31 tables, 4 charts and 27 Exhibits is now available at

Looking towards 2016 the underlying telecom market trends of mobile broadband, M2M, Cloud computing, OTT services and Big Data management will continue to propel the broader telecoms sector ahead. In addition, further advancements in wearable technologies are expected and attention will turn more and more towards 5G infrastructure.

Mobile broadband access using the 3G and now the 4G/LTE networks has continued to expand as users add tablets, modems and phones as alternative communication methods and connection to cloud based services. In the longer term, with the increase in connected devices and the growth in availability of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the amount of mobile data downloaded is likely to at least double yearly for the next few years.

Key developments will include M2M and IoT infrastructure, facilitating the development of smart homes, buildings and cities. Many of these applications will be opened up partly through the use of 4G LTE-Advanced – a halfway house on the way to full 5G. Commercial 5G is not expected to become available in any significant way until around 2020, with full deployment expected towards the end of that decade.

5G technology is now well and truly under development. While there are no firm standards in place, the telecoms market is working hard at making that happen. In the meantime, the early movers are testing their own versions of the 5G technology and this is giving us information about what we can expect – what the technology will be able to deliver.

Fixed broadband deployment will continue to make headway in 2016 with the majority of countries now having a national broadband network plan or policy in place. In 2016 cloud computing will be virtually main-stream in the developed markets for the larger enterprises. Most small and medium-sized businesses still need to start on the road to cloud computing. The leading cloud technology vendors are now all looking towards new markets to apply their technology. Boosting government uptake of cloud solutions, the emerging markets (particularly China) and mobile cloud computing are all key areas of interest. Interest in 5G is accelerating and the ITU has formalized that the industry name for it will be IMT-2020. The telecommunications sector is the largest user of outsourcing services globally. Wireless devices are soon to overtake wired devices in terms of IP traffic and in 2016 will account for over 50% of Internet traffic. Cyber-physical systems are an emerging area that won’t replace the IoT/M2M backbone of sensor-driven smart infrastructure/cities, but it will build upon it.


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