Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, has extended the decoding and analysis capabilities on their PCI Express® Summit™ protocol analyzer product family to support the new Trusted Computing Group (TCG) security and Precision Time Measurement (PTM) messaging features, utilized in Internet of Things (IoT) and PCIe SSD storage technologies.  IoT based products demand high security and low latency to ensure efficient machine to machine (M2M) communication.  Teledyne LeCroy’s Summit protocol analyzers can determine if these and other features are correctly implemented, and when problems are identified the systems can help track the root cause of failure.  These new features are now supported in Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe® Protocol Suite 7.34.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 2003 to define, develop and promote security specifications for computers and networks.  Data protection for a broad range of devices is the primary purpose of these standards.  Authentication, secured attribute-value storage, disk encryption/decryption, backup, time stamping, and event logging are some of the applications that are addressed through the TCG security specification.

Developers interested in ensuring that TCG encryption/decryption mechanisms are properly integrated into their products will find that Teledyne LeCroy protocol analysis fully supports the TCG specification.  Method calls such as invoking UID and method UID within a trusted command can be decoded, and examined in context with the NVM Express and PCI Express bus infrastructure.  Having this information accessible expedites difficult verification and troubleshooting projects.

Precision Time Measurement (PTM), a supported feature in the PCI-SIG® PCI Express 3.0 specification, defines a new protocol of timing measurement and synchronization messages for time-sensitive media and server applications such as industrial automation, instrumentation, geological sciences, telecomm synchronization and synchronized audio/video systems among others.  PTM enables systems that require high precision timing the ability to monitor and track the time of transactions with sub-microsecond timing accuracy while accelerating server application performance.

Teledyne LeCroy’s Summit protocol analyzers support the decoding of PTM message packets giving users a clear picture of PTM transactions on the PCI Express bus.  Viewing the communication between PTM-enabled devices can help discover performance and implementation problems that can’t be seen by software debugging tools.  PTM support has also been extended to the Summit Z3-16 exerciser, enabling users to emulate PTM functionality with the exerciser in either host or device mode, and to control PTM message packet generation and error recovery.  The combination of analyzer and exerciser gives users an essential test tool suite for PTM development and test.

“Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34 contains many necessary decoding and analysis features for IoT and PCIe storage markets,” said John Wiedemeier, Product Marketing Manager for PCI Express Protocol Analysis, Teledyne LeCroy.  “Decodes for PTM, TCG, PCIe storage decodes and I/O Virtualization make the Summit protocol analyzer line of products an important tool for any PCIe product development.”

Teledyne LeCroy has worked closely with the computer industry over the last decade to provide the analysis features companies have needed for IoT technology development.  In addition to the newly announced TCG and PTM support, I/O Virtualization is another area that Teledyne LeCroy already supports by providing decoding and analysis support for Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SRIOV), Multi-Root I/O Virtualization (MR-IOV) and Address Translation Services (ATS).  I/O Virtualization continues to enable high performance server development.  Users of Teledyne LeCroy systems appreciate the rich library of decodes and analysis capabilities that are available on all of Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe protocol analyzers.


PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34 is available in mid-June.

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