Teledyne LeCroy announces ProVIDE ™, a new, patent pending, technology created for IoT and embedded developers. IoT devices bring multiple technologies into SoCs designs, and since these technologies are defined more and more by embedded software, there is an increasing need for effective ways to develop, test and debug software and hardware interaction. ProVIDE, Protocol View for Integrated Debug Environments combines two important test and debug methods – software IDE and Protocol Analysis. It enables the software and system developers’ additional control and observability by extending the familiar IDE debug capabilities to allow for analyzing and visualizing both internal and external busses and interfaces.

Although many software developers would like to imagine that their software is hardware agnostic, the fact of the matter is that code written for IoT/SoC systems can have unexpected effects on the operation of the hardware system. As one simple example, imagine a software sub-routine that is called intermittently from various other routines when they experience a certain condition. It would be simple enough to put a breakpoint at the beginning of the routine to identify the jump, however, it is next to impossible to see what the busses and/or interfaces were doing at that time or even just before the jump to the sub-routine. This means that identifying the cause of the condition, or whether it is truly the code or some issue with the hardware design that is at fault, is next to impossible. In addition, correction of the issue can literally take man-months without a method to synchronously view both the code execution and the hardware busses/interfaces.

Capitalizing on Teledyne LeCroy’s wide variety of market leading protocol analyzer tools, ProVIDE gives developers a unique view into how their control and data actually travels across the external bus or interface and synchronizes this information with the code execution. Using IDE controls and breakpoints to start recording and trigger Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzers, the developers can isolate and correlate their code with actual signal traffic over the interface. By using ProVIDE, IoT and embedded software developers extend common practices like reading registers, memory content, variable values and signal states to also view the entire control and data flow on external signal interfaces and busses as their code executes. The protocol analysis and decoding can be customized to include automatic decoding of proprietary fields and/or structures and can be used for both higher level application analysis as well as low-level debugging.

Teledyne LeCroy will be demonstrating this new technology at the IoT Developers conference May 6-7 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA 95054. See this new innovative technology at booth G6.

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