Telefonica/VIVO, the largest telecommunications service provider in Brazil, and ISPM, a leading vendor of flexible service assurance, orchestration and management software for telecommunications and IT infrastructure, announce the launch of a comprehensive project to turn Águas de São Pedro, a city in the São Paulo region, into the first smart city in the country.

The project has been initiated to coincide with the modernisation of the city’s telecommunications infrastructure. In addition to the provision of high-speed broadband connectivity to citizens and businesses, digital solutions will be designed and delivered to assist in education, health, tourism and public spaces, among other areas.

ISPM, the leader in quality management for digital services, was invited to participate in the project through the delivery of solutions that will manage the quality of the services that will be used in the city. ISPM will provide technical support and maintenance for over 400 remote solutions used across the health and education sectors. In addition, ISPM will be responsible for service level management of a range of services using its NetVision IoT platform, which will consolidate the Service Assurance of various digital services in a single portal.

According to Washington Tavares, ISPM’s product manager, the modernization of the city will bring many direct and indirect benefits to the population. These include:

  • Better, more efficient public services
  • The creation of new possibilities for public services
  • Better security for residents and tourists
  • Support and encouragement for new businesses

The project is expected to considerably strengthen the local economy.

“Our intention is to turn Águas de São Pedro into one of the best cities in Brazil in terms of quality of life, transforming it into an example of the successful application of smart technologies, backed by intelligent management. This initiative is expected to be a flagship that will influence the creation of more smart cities throughout Brazil,” commented Mr Tavares.

The project encompasses a range of applications. For example, intelligent street lighting is being introduced to the city. Automatic lighting of lamps and the intelligent control of their intensity means that electricity waste will be reduced to almost zero.

Another example of the application of smart technology is the introduction of smart parking solutions, which provide real-time information on the availability of parking spaces, offering greater convenience to citizens, businesses and tourists, as well as enhanced fuel economy for all motorists.

“We also expect the project to provide models for International municipalities and agencies to emulate,” added Mr Tavares “Our experience will help build best practice models for the future.”

The NetVision solution will also provide problem management processes for service and resource issues. The identification of problems can be reactive, in response to reports from end users; or proactive, based on events collected in real-time, which enables automatic root cause analysis of problems and advance notification of potential issues that could arise.

ISPM has deployed a dedicated technical team in Águas de São Pedro to perform all technical support and maintenance required and will also use its remote service team for advanced problem management and resolution.

About ISPM

ISPM is a leading software vendor that specialises in service assurance, orchestration, and operations enhancement for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and large corporations.

We are experts in delivering outstanding service assurance and orchestration solutions, enabling our customers to efficiently launch services (M2M, IoT, Cloud, etc.); enhance end-to-end customer experience (including enabling QoS for OTT services), and to optimise service performance (using Big Data analytics). Today, we actively manage more than 100,000 corporate access services with NetVision.

Our operations enhancement solution is focused on delivering tight process flows, end-customer service quality and continuous performance improvements. It leverages isolated monitoring systems, either existing or new, and delivers unique enhancements to team productivity and CAPEX control. Our NetVision operations enhancement solution is currently deployed in a range of network environments, from pure fibre to 4G LTE.

Since 1998, ISPM has served global customers, with global standards (ITIL, FCAPS, eTOM) and global partners (InfoVista, EMC, eG Innovations, Fluke Networks and QlikView). We have implemented projects in leading CSPs and in large retail, finance and infrastructure companies, supporting them in both operational efficiency and customer service.

In addition, ISPM is an active member of the TM Forum, a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation.