Telit Wireless IoT

Telit announced the formation of the IoT Factory Solutions business unit, centered on the company’s scalable platform that provides secure, robust shop floor access to both the top floor (OT to IT) and a connected ecosystem of OEMs, suppliers and customers. Pre-configured for Cloud connectivity and integration via Telit’s IoT Portal, the award-winning platform provides a quick path to the Industrial IoT (IIoT).

This focus is an integral part of Telit’s vision of connected factories, connected machines, and connected consumers and ties directly into its core IoT business. Building on 15 years of experience in industrial automation solutions deployed worldwide and connecting more than $300 billion in manufacturing assets, Telit is making it easy for customers to take advantage of the IIoT opportunity with multiple paths to deployment.

“Companies recognize the value of the Industrial IoT, sometimes referred to as Industrie 4.0,” said Fred Yentz, president and CEO of Telit IoT Platforms. “The challenge has been securely connecting high-value production equipment to enterprise systems as well as to the information consumer outside of the enterprise. Telit IoT Factory Solutions lets companies realize the full potential of the IIoT today without a huge investment of resources.”

“Telit IoT Platforms, formerly ILS Technology, is a leading pioneer in seamlessly connecting factory equipment to enterprise applications,” said Craig Resnick, vice president of ARC Advisory Group. “Forward-thinking companies embrace Telit’s single, scalable solution for seamless integration of their back office with both production machines on the plant floor and remote assets in the field. Additionally, companies rely on Telit’s platform to streamline their value chain, exchanging relevant information in real-time with suppliers, field personnel, sales and customers – via the secure IoT Cloud connection.”

Telit’s IoT Factory Solutions include deviceWISE for Factory and secureWISE for the semiconductor industry. Through the IoT Portal, Telit makes IoT onboarding easy, reduces risk, time to market, complexity and costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation and other applications, across many industries and vertical markets worldwide.

“The easy-to-use deviceWISE platform changed our implementation cycle from weeks or months to minutes,” said Welton Davis, IT Lead at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. “The ability for technical personnel to grasp how to develop triggers and transports with little or no training is the best I have ever seen. Additionally, deviceWISE scales very well to handle communication with multiple devices. Its non-dependence on any other platform for communication to industrial devices enables a clear interface between the IT\MES and SCADA systems.”

deviceWISE for Factory is the industry-leading, enterprise-grade industrial automation platform designed to easily connect complex, disparate production equipment from different suppliers with different protocols and interfaces to enterprise systems and applications without custom programming. The scalable architecture is configurable to any manufacturing environment in any industry by leveraging a vast library of built-in standardized device drivers and enterprise connectors. deviceWISE is perfectly suited to all manufacturing verticals including automotive, pharmaceuticals, machinery, oil and gas, electrical power generation, water and more.

Telit’s secureWISE solution has been widely recognized as the leading solution for highly secured remote access. Connecting more FABs and OEMs than any other platform in the industry, secureWISE delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote connectivity across private networks, providing OEMs role-based, real-time and on-demand access to their equipment installed at production facilities around the globe. It allows FABs and OEMs to remotely collaborate in ways that improve equipment performance at every stage of the process and equipment lifecycles while protecting valuable intellectual property. secureWISE is in over 90% of the world’s 300mm.

For more information about their solutions, please visit Telit’s website.