AlterSpace AVR is the convergence point for the Internet Of Things IOT, Augmented Reality AR, Virtual Reality VR, content and media of any kind within one single Interactive, Augmented and Immersive Environment. The AlterSpace AVR merges the real and the digital world in one seamless platform. AlterSpace AVR augments reality by showing CG 3D Datasets, Metadata and media of any format. Content is presented within a virtual world and augmenting reality. Video feeds can be stereoscopic, 3D/2D Free viewpoint FTV for 360 degree views or 2D. The AlterSpace is a Cloud-based, platform agnostic system, providing an augmented reality, virtual reality or augmented virtuality experience through any HeadsUpDisplay HUD, any HeadMountedDisplay HMD, smartphone/tablet or computer display running on any hardware and any Operating System. The Augmented information is rendered and overlapped on top of real life video feed or within any pre-designed environment, all over the Cloud.

Powered by AILEENN’s Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network engine, the AlterSpace provides the ultimate tool for enterprise, education, training, medical, military, game, social and entertainment while providing AR, VR and Artificial Intelligence with a human-like gesture and voice interaction. AILEENNs Neural Network platform intelligently analyzes clusters of datasets available locally or from the Cloud to provide the AlterSpace with the most relevant information within the user’s context.

“It will be interesting to see how the ecosystem will develop a gamut of applications now that we are introducing the integrated platform for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence under the AlterSpace AVR, AILEENN and ImmersiON initiatives. I can only imagine the benefit for human evolution on the learning, medical, government, social and enterprise tools,” said Gutierrez-Novelo, Inventor, CEO and Architect of the initiatives.

During the demonstrations at the show floor, the AlterSpace AVR was presented to an exclusive group of attendees using the latest ImmersiON HMD prototype, the result of the partnership between ImmersiON and VRelia, providing a 110deg FOV and full 1920×1080 per eye resolution providing an unparalleled immersive experience for the user. ImmersiON leverages years of expertise on HMD and HUDs from the founders of TDVision, the initiative who developed the first HMD 1280×720 per eye prototype since 2007 and the first 3DBlu-ray disc codec, now standardized as MVC, among other innovations and the founders of VRelia.

“AlterSpace AVR will fundamentally change the way we, as humans, live, work, and play,” said Ethan Daniel Schur, Co-Founder and CMO of AlterSpace AVR.

Content is rendered in any image format for any display, including Stereoscopic 3D, autostereoscopic or 2D for legacy phones, computers and tablets. The combined initiatives blur the line between the real and the digital worlds. Interested companies can enter the Early Adoption Programs for AlterSpace and AILEENN platforms, and pre-orders for the ImmersiON full HD 1920×1080 per eye HMD are now accepted online.

AlterSpace, AILEENN and ImmersiON are intiatives created by Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, Ethan D. Schur, and a creative group of expert AR and VR engineers around the world.

About AlterSpace
AlterSpace AVR is a company providing the ultimate Cloud based Augmented and Virtual environments platform integrating video, 3D datasets, media and metadata of any kind over a display and hardware agnostic platform. For investment, inquires, custom project development or entering the Early Adoption Program please visit or contact info @

A.I.L.E.E.N.N. is an Artificial Intelligence platform based on Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic running on a polymorphic, self-adaptive and multidimensional synapse database. AILEENN provides pattern analysis, prediction and recommendations of any dataset of any kind powered by a self-learning back propagation system running on GPU and CPU clusters over the Cloud without user or programming intervention. For investment, inquires or entering the Early Adoption Program please visit or contact info @

About ImmersiON
ImmersiON is a company committed to the creation of the next generation of HMDs and HUDs providing a wide FOV of over 110degrees and full 1920x1080p resolution per eye. For investment, inquires, pre-orders or general information, please conact info @ or visit