Geneva, Switzerlan and Brussels, Belgium — The investors agree – Digital Tech is the way of the future. The latest statistics show that the European market is becoming even more skewed towards internet and mobile: 13 of 14 large HTI transactions in February were internet related.

With the current world population, as of January 2014, at 7,095,476,818 – the statistics around internet and mobile penetration are staggering:

  • Internet penetration is at 35% globally
  • 26% of the global population are active social network users
  • 93% are mobile subscribers
  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

So how does this translate for entrepreneurs and investors? There has also been considerable activity in fund-raising for venture funds in early 2014. It is noticeable how the investment strategies reflect the changing landscape and the growing importance of Corporate Investors. This will be featured at the 2014 Digital Tech Summit at Euronext in London.

Co-Presidents of the Digital Tech Summit, Baruk Pilo, SVP at Icon Corporate Finance and Jean Ferre, Director of Development and Platform Group, Microsoft, today announced the names of the top 20 European Digital Tech companies as selected by an expert committee to present at Euronext, London on April 24th. Baruk commented on the selection process saying, “The selection committee members were impressed with the huge diversity of applications. It clearly shows that Web, Mobility, Internet of Things, Financial Technologies, Big Data, Cloud, Security and Cybersecurity are driving innovation. The continually growing base of companies, their growth perspective and market traction make me believe in a strong future for investments in those domains. The number of Corporate Investors attending the Summit and presenting is testimonial to the changing landscape and growing importance of Corporate Investors.”

20 of Europe’s most promising entrepreneurs seeking funding presented to global corporates and VC’s at the 4th annual Digital Tech Summit in London, April 23-24, 2014 and the presenting companies are:, Anubis Networks, AdaptiveMobile, ATOSHO, Certivox, CoreNetix, Crowdcube, EVRYTHNG, Five Degrees, GoCardless,, LoopUp, Massive Analytic, Ontoforce, OP3Nvoice, Sedicii, Shopa, SynerScope, The Currency Cloud, TransferGo Ltd

The companies have been selected from all across Europe including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and the UK.

A delegation of 130 leading global industry players and representatives from cross-venture capital and global investment firms were attending the event. Estimated investment capabilities of attending investors are estimated at €7 billion+. For more information please visit

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