Smart homes, machines with feelings, algorithm police and self-regulated transport networks are just some of the exciting concepts explored in a new book launched today by Software AG – Thingalytics. As the number of “things” connected to the Internet exceeds the global population, Thingalytics looks at how the Internet of Things (IoT) can save lives, stop fraud and reduce carbon emissions across the globe.

Dr. John Bates, a leading evangelist for intelligent business operations, authors a composite of “Things” and “Analytics:” Thingalytics. The term, Thingalytics, coined by Dr. Bates, relates to the use of real-time analytics and algorithms that make sense of the explosion of Big Data arising from IoT.

Through nine chapters, the book covers the rise of personalization and the context aware environment we now live in as well as how IoT is fast becoming commonplace and driving an altogether smarter world. Dr. Bates also explores the intelligent home, machines with feelings and how IoT is making in-roads into our hospitals, police forces and transport networks. Thingalytics uses real-life examples and insights from industry heavyweights, including Coca Cola, General Electric and Cox Communications, to explore the realities associated with this once futuristic concept.

Dr. Bates, chief marketing officer, head of industry solutions and member of the executive board, Software AG noted: “Thingalytics is happening now. Market leaders and fast followers are in the midst of a digital transformation. This brave new world of smarter machines, and the humans who engage them, will change every industry and every market segment. It will also change how we live our lives.”

In addition to his role at Software AG, Dr. Bates sits on the Technology Advisory Committee of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). A recognized visionary and entrepreneur in the software industry, Dr. Bates is one of the driving forces behind the emergence of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and has pioneered the commercial use of event processing in business solutions.

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