ThinkEco, a leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and energy efficiency company, has developed the IoT platform for the new WiFi 100Koll home electricity meter solution that allows utility customers to control their energy use for plugged in appliances and devices. The solution is being offered for free to 120,000 customers in Sweden as part of a major energy efficiency initiative for E.ON Sverige residential customers. E.ON is one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies.

The 100Koll home electricity meter solution displays consumption minute-by-minute, giving users the opportunity to take control of and manage their energy use either on a computer or a smartphone.

 The 100Koll home electricity meter contains:

  • An optical electricity meter reader that monitors the whole home electricity consumption in real time,
  • A smart plug that controls and monitors the electricity consumption of individual appliances,
  • And includes a mobile app that displays electricity use in various ways—both historically and in real time—and also has off/on functionality for smart plugs.

“Utilities want to provide energy efficiency solutions to their customers that are engaging, interactive and easy to use while also creating a dialogue with customers to help reduce energy use in the most beneficial way,” said Jun Shimada, CEO and co-founder of ThinkEco.  “We are excited to partner with E.ON Sverige to help develop connected home products that strongly encourage energy efficient behavior.”

This international product launch is the culmination of a partnership with E.ON that began last year, in which ThinkEco brought its IoT expertise to create a new, WiFi-based consumer-facing solution for E.ON.

“It’s important that we start using energy in a smarter way. Taking control of electricity consumption is important for Swedes. The 100Koll-device is a solution to help the customer monitor their energy use and immediately act upon it. 100Koll furthermore delivers completely new opportunities for an interactive dialogue between ourselves and the customer,” said Johan Mörnstam, Head of Business Innovation at E.ON Sverige.

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