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ThroughTek, IoT solutions provider for device connectivity and video streaming technology, will be featuring the Kalay Platform’s latest developments among various smart devices at COMPUTEX TAIPEI from May 31 – June 4.

Demonstrations this year include the latest IoT applications with capabilities to deliver video data, allowing for real-time communication. With more than 10 million devices already enabled on ThroughTek’s end-to-end cloud service solution, the Kalay Platform reflects recent trends for smart consumer electronics.

ThroughTek will highlight smart home solutions for devices including IP cameras, smart lamps, vacuum cleaners, robotics and doorphones. Home electronics increasingly come with embedded cameras and sensors for added functionality and requires handling of two-way communication between endpoints. Additionally, the Kalay Platform has also developed solutions tailored for low-power and battery operated gadgets that are often used on-the-go or in outdoor environments. The ability to deliver live footage beyond the home, providing both security and entertainment value, will be showcased for mainstream devices such as dashcams, drones and wearables.

ThroughTek is at the forefront of meeting the rapidly evolving requirements for IoT devices to handle a range of functions that include video streaming and real-time two-way communication. With the Kalay Platform, gadgets manufacturers and service providers can easily deploy connected products with unique IoT video applications to further extend their offerings to the global consumer market.

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