Texas Instruments (TI) is expanding its third party ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service providers. With 10 new members since launching in April 2014, the TI IoT cloud ecosystem supports multiple cloud options with a total of 18 companies. Ecosystem members deliver solutions to help customers get their TI-based IoT solutions connected to the cloud quickly. The new members include Intamac/Kynesim, Keen IO/Technical Machine, Micrium, Octoblu, PTC,PubNub, Temboo and Weaved.

Each ecosystem member has demonstrated its cloud service offering on one or more of TI’s wireless connectivity, microcontroller(MCU) and processor solutions for a wide-range of IoT applications spanning industrial, home automation, health and fitness, automotive and more. Visit TI’s IoT cloud ecosystem page to learn more about members and their offerings.

To make code development even easier, several ecosystem members are also providing Energia support. Energia is an open-source and community-driven Wiring-based independent development environment (IDE) and framework for rapid firmware development across multiple TI MCU architectures including MSP430™, TM4C, SimpleLink™ wireless MCUs and more. Through easy-to-use APIs and libraries, interacting with the cloud can be done in fewer lines of code. Energia allows developers to focus more on creating their differentiated application and spend less time worrying about implementing Internet protocols or low-level drivers. With pre-packaged, built-in support for key cloud partners including IBM’s IoT Foundation, Temboo, PubNub, Energia removes the need to manually download and import libraries.

“Time to value and simplicity are key to success in the Internet of Things space and including support for Energia with our IBM Internet of Things Foundation allows the Energia community to rapidly gain access from device to cloud services, allowing business benefits to be realized faster,” said Michael Curry, VP WebSphere Foundation, IBM.

Additionally, TI’s Code Composer Studio™ v6 (CCS) now has the ability to import Energia projects/sketches. This provides a very unique migration path from rapid prototyping to development and ultimately productization. By importing into CCS, developers have access to debugging and other features of a full featured IDE. Learn more about Energia for rapid prototyping your IoT application in this Launch Your Design blog post.

About TI’s cloud ecosystem

The 18 members of the TI IoT cloud ecosystem each offer services to meet the growing needs of the IoT including integration of data into business processes, data analytics, customizable user portals and smart phone apps, and compatibility with multiple wireless technologies. The TI IoT cloud ecosystem is open to cloud service providers with a differentiated service offering and value-added services running on one of TI’s IoT solutions. In addition to the new members announced today, the ecosystem includes 2lemetry,ARM, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM, LogMeIn, Spark, and Thingsquare. If your company is interested in joining, visit the IoT cloud ecosystem page to learn how to join.

Quotes from new TI IoT Cloud Ecosystem members

Kyle Wild, CEO of Keen IO, said: “Keen IO has been integrated and fully tested on Technical Machine’s Tessel, making it easy to apply our great analytics to the real-world data streaming in from Tessel’s sensor modules and produce beautiful dashboards in real time. Keen IO takes care of all of the data, and easily scales to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of devices. The exact steps on how to use Keen IO and Tessel are here. To facilitate future development of end-to-end analytics solutions for IoT applications, both Keen IO and Technical Machine have joined TI’s IoT Ecosystem.”

Paul Fellows, CEO of Kynesim, said: “We have worked closely with Texas Instruments for many years, and are very pleased to team with Intamac to offer turn-key and customizable IoT systems to clients that combine Intamac’s ENSO cloud platform with TI’s wireless and RF technologies. We choose to design TI into these systems because we know it delivers quality reliability and longevity to the resulting designs.”

Jean Labrosse, president and CEO of Micrium, said: “The IoT is all about connectivity – and connecting deeply embedded devices to the cloud with minimum space and maximum reliability requires a truly embedded software solution. This is the space that Micrium Spectrum™ fills, providing a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks, cloud services designed to facilitate development of IoT from device to the cloud. Our proven solutions are ideally suited to support TI’s MCU, processor and connectivity solutions, offering benefits such as faster time to market and optimized device performance.”

Geir Ramleth, CEO of Octoblu, said: “TI provides opportunities for bringing innovative new devices to market. But setting up connections, design, processes, and managing the secure flow of information with deep analytics is complex. We’re excited to help TI leverage the IoT by providing a platform for their devices that automates these tasks, opening the door for exciting new services in a connected world.”

Chris Kuntz, vice president strategic programs and IoT marketplace, Thingworx, a PTC business, said: “Companies that have smart, connected solutions need the ability to extract and understand the data generated in order to better understand customer and product behavior. We are pleased to work with Texas Instruments to accelerate the delivery of new IoT solutions to the global market.”

Todd Greene, founder and CEO of PubNub, said: “Accelerating IoT time-to-market requires a mature, scalable technology stack. With TI’s rapid prototyping platform, Energia, and PubNub’s secure Data Stream Network, developers can now quickly build and scale real time IoT applications that work everywhere across every network.”

Vaughn Shinall, business development manager at Temboo, said: “Through a wizard-like web interface, Temboo can generate Energia code that enables TI silicon to interact with over 100 websites, APIs, databases and services. With this integration, developers can easily trigger SMS with Twilio, datalog into a Google spreadsheet, or send a tweet from your embedded hardware. The Energia + Temboo integration is a powerful way to quickly connect your hardware to the Internet of Things.”

Jim Fox, vice president of business development at Weaved, said: “TI has the breadth and depth of roadmap for IoT solutions at every level of performance, power, and cost making them an ideal partner for Weaved IoT for Everyone networking software.”

TI connects more to the Internet of Things

The IoT is quickly growing with industry experts predicting that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 to provide smart, invisible technology that works for you. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of wired and wireless connectivity technologies, microcontrollers, processors, sensors and analog signal chain and power solutions, TI offers cloud-ready system solutions designed to access the IoT wherever you want it. From high performance home, industrial and automotive applications to battery-powered wearable and portable electronics or energy-harvested wireless sensor nodes, TI makes developing applications easier with hardware, software, tools and support to get anything connected within the IoT.

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors.  By employing the world’s brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology.  TI is helping more than 100,000 customers transform the future, today.  Learn more at www.ti.com.


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