The Internet of Things is an evolution of the Internet. It interconnects not only human and computer as before but also physical objects (things). With the new Starter Kit: Internet of Things, Tinkerforge offers a kit that gives users an easy access into the IoT world. Ordinary devices can be brought into the Internet and they can be controlled over it.

The kit allows to control 433MHz home automation components such as remotely controlled mains switches, blind controllers, dimmers and many more by smart phones, tablets or (Embedded-)PCs. With the kit nothing stands in the way of controlling your home while you are on the go or locally with a Raspberry Pi. A link between actuators and other devices over the Internet is another application.

The web site was developed for the kit. It uses the Tinkerforge JavaScript Bindings and it allows to control devices from anywhere. The web site can be used without registration and it is, as all Tinkerforge products, completely open source. Therefore it is also possible to use it as a starting point for your own IoT web development.

With the Tinkerforge API Bindings, available for nearly every programming language, a user of the kit can implement his own ideas. Offered example programs for every language are a good starting point for your own projects.

The starter kit is available to purchase here: