Tokyo-based CyberTrust Japan has joined hands with global Certificate Authority (CA) DigiCert, to set up a new entity called Cyber Secure Asia, following DigiCert’s acquisition of Verizon Enterprise SSL Business.

The Singapore-based Cyber Secure Asia will allow CyberTrust Japan, a subsidiary of Softbank Technology Corp, and DigiCert, now the world’s second-largest CA for high-assurance SSL certificates, to extend their cybersecurity solutions from Singapore to the rest of Southeast Asia, providing security services, Transport Layer Security (TLS), more commonly referred to as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Server Certificates and Code Signing Certificates in the region.

Growing exposure to threats through Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Nation initiative

With Singapore aiming to connect the nation through the Smart Nation initiative by harnessing the power of smart devices, network and data to create a better living space, as well as the growing number of Internet of Things, more devices are exposed to vulnerabilities and cyber-threats as they are connected to the Internet. Singapore, having the fourth highest percentage of Internet users per population in Asia (73% according to Worldbank) has only less than 1 per cent of IT security specialists in the total IT industry workforce.

CyberTrust Japan Chief Executive Officer Yasutoshi Magara wants to educate companies on data security and the long term benefits in implementing strong protection policies. “Companies that hold public data have the responsibility of safe-guarding them,” he said. “They need to understand that data protection is a pre-emptive measure that ultimately adds more value to an organisation’s services; though it doesn’t directly increase productivity, it protects and prevents productivity loss through cyber-attacks.”

Core Benefits of East-Meets-West Partnership to the Region

The Cyber Secure Asia partnership will enable both CyberTrust Japan and DigiCert to increase their presence in the fast-growing market in Asia by offering DigiCert’s verification services for SSL Server Certificates, and utilizing their Public Root Certification Authority.

SSL server certificates secures web servers and data transfers over networks against malicious attacks such as phishing and data breaches, but such online security measures are often overlooked by site owners, as was evident in the recent SingPass breach in 2014, and the Henry Park Primary School data leak in 2015, both of which occurred in Singapore.

“This ground-breaking partnership between east and west will slingshot the cybersecurity industry light-years forward,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “DigiCert is excited to work together with CyberTrust Japan to extend its cyber protection services across Asia. With Cyber Secure Asia being at the heart of Southeast Asia, we will establish a physical presence in the region to further help organizations protect against cybercrime and fraud.”

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