In the year 2020, each of us would have collected shocking memories related to it, then any happier ones. The year started with its great pomp and show, and within a few months, it was down with the virus outbreak. 

This threat remained and is still stirring across the globe, leaving an uncertainty trail behind that when offices would reopen, and we would live a normal lifestyle. Amid this chaos, there has been a swift digital transformation that offered a tech shield that is likely to drive our lives for a better lifestyle.

In this cycle of technologies, it is expected that market growth will be driven by IoT, which would lead us to smart work life balance. As we all know that technology is burgeoning, letting us experience convenience and comfort at the most. Under this umbrella of technology, there is one specific tech term that is bringing a smart curve to our lives, and that is IoT-Internet of things. 

Yes, this very technology has built a connection, including washing machines, robotic vacuum, door locks, and many other products to get connected with the internet. 

Here in this blog post, we have connected a series of predictions pertaining to IoT that are going to rule the world in 2021.

So let’s begin…

1. Private IoT networks

It is very likely that the coming year will witness the bloom of the IoT deployment in different industrial sectors, where utilization of private networks to control IoT devices, to save them from sort of security threat from the external resources would be in practice. 

It will help in reducing the cost and prove an extra layer of security shield, and there will be interesting cellular providers invasion, who are likely to add the private network market with small, local LTE cells.

2. Digital health 

The worst of the COVID-19 impact was on the healthcare system, letting different chronic conditions to be managed with full of difficulties. Either patient was forced to stay home or delay their necessary care. To take the pulse of the industry at this critical time and beyond, it is highly necessary to proffer users with the digital health experience, enabling users to gain greater insight into their health.

3. Cities would turn smarter

Our world is relying on technology and its capacity is no more limited to devices and products, but apps have got a much wider set of operations to perform on. And here we’re referring to IoT.

The function of this very technology is going to rise and shine massively in our cities. It is expected that year 2021 will witness the utilization of IoT technology, converting the cities into smart cities. Here, it will help citizens to relish a hassle-free and comforting life, where it will be easier to save money, time & other resources. It will enable us to collect, manage, and automate data via video camera surveillance systems, taxi services, and visitor kiosks. Further, for the citizens, it will be a hassle-free experience to commute from one place to another and get a hold onto the basic necessities. And it goes without saying but the cities would get a strong halt on the crime and other issues.

4. Remote offices

The constant upheaval caused by the pandemic has brought us to an axis point wherein our current work situation would remain remote only. 

The expensive corporate office spaces will be a thing of the past, where bigger sitting arrangements were made. Now, everything has changed, where the future offices would be integrated with IoT apps, letting a safer environment and smart lighting coupled with sensor-enabled space utilization would be a norm to experience. Further, the activity monitoring would enable high-traffic areas to prioritize site cleaning, manage congested areas, and transform the office layout for social distancing.

5. Improved location services

The concept of connected machines is going to be a part of the conventional business approach. Earlier customers were not comfortable to connect to connectable machinery, however, with the pandemic impact, this vision was changed completely. It has led manufacturers, distributors, and other channel partners to switch to remote services to begin their work. In the year 2021, the location services, where connected devices will be a norm, are going to be used exponentially, disrupting every possible industry.

Final thoughts

Well, you won’t deny from this fact that the year 2020 has been a significant year not in terms of a virus outbreak, but in terms of the emergence of technologies. We have seen a prominent space covered by technologies, leading to a much better space of IoT to flourish and grow out of bounds.

Having said that, you must not forget that by the year 2025 IoT devices installed worldwide would be 75.44 Billion.

That is a whopping number, which will relentlessly soar further, will give a positive impact on our lives and businesses alike.

 So let’s hope for the best to occur in 2021 with the IoT technology.