According to the Strategy Analytics Machine to Machine Strategies (M2M) latest report, “The Top 10 Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2015” – the world will move increasingly towards IoT, ushering a new era of open source platforms that will challenge existing M2M platforms. Mergers and acquisitions in the IoT space will continue strong throughout 2015 as large, established vendors seek to strengthen their core capabilities.

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“Users will become central to IoT in a way that they have not been in the M2M world. This in turn will cause a progression in the development of physical web specifications and context-based developments,” saidAndrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise and IoT Research, and author of the report. “The growing number of interconnected devices will raise questions about privacy and data ownership and IoT security,” Brown added.

Among the other IoT Top 10 Trends in 2015:

  • Security will be a crucial issue for vendors, consumers and corporations; how efficiently and quickly is the data transferred, encrypted and stored; In an IoT environment of interconnected systems, the risks associated with a successful hack rise commensurately and have the potential to cause greater collateral damage.
  • Data privacy and ownership become prominent IoT issues in 2015 as machine data is blended increasingly with social network data. This gives rise to potential disruptive and legality issues such as: who owns the data and who can access the data.
  • Regulatory Issues will predominate.  Government entities like the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission (EC) will grapple with issues like what technology framework and associated standards are required to transport and manage different data types to ensure privacy.

The detailed 26 page report gives full details on key trends that are vital to the IoT in 2015.

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