Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. introduced the latest additions to its TZ5000 series of ApP Lite™ processors targeting the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on the ARM® Cortex®-A9 dual-core CPU, the TZ5010XBG, TZ5011XBG, TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG processors use Toshiba proprietary hardware-based technologies for power management and system integration, delivering the low power consumption necessary for IoT applications.

“As end-product developers’ needs evolve, we are continuing to grow our ApP Lite processor family with new devices designed to accommodate these requirements,” said Deepak Prakash, senior director of marketing, Logic LSI Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC. “These newest processors, which deliver high memory efficiency and robust security features, enable development of highly reliable and stable applications with an enhanced user experience compared to earlier devices in the series.”

The TZ5010XBG and the TZ5011XBG application processors incorporate a built-in baseband for high-speed Wi-Fi® 802.11ac, graphics and video engine. The new processors extend CPU performance, memory performance and temperature range compared to earlier products in the TZ5000 line, making them suitable for IoT products that require greater data capacity, and enabling them to be used in a broader range of applications.

The TZ5021XB and TZ5023XBG support LP-DDR2/3 memory, specialized low-power mode for mobile devices, and a small package size for IoT applications. Additionally, the TZ5023XBG has a low-power DSP, the Cadence®Tensilica® HiFi Mini, which executes voice, audio and sensor processing.

In addition, Toshiba has released a general-purpose reference board, Android™ and Yocto Linux® (Yocto Project™) Software Development Kits (SDKs), and design guidelines for easy installation of the development environment.

Hardware-based power management technology makes it possible to enter into a low-power mode in microseconds and to transit to low-power mode more easily compared to significantly slower software-based power management technology. It reduces power consumption and contributes to better thermal dissipation for most applications.

The TZ5010XBG and TZ5011XBG processors each come in a 12mm x 13mm x 1.2mm ball-grid-array (BGA) package with 0.5mm pitch and feature HD (1080p) video at 60 frames per second (fps) with decode and a DDR3 x 32-bit DRAM running at 1866Mbps. The TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG each come in a 12mm x 12mm x 0.8mm package-on-package (PoP) with 0.5mm pitch. Video resolution is 1080p at 30fps with decode, and DRAM is LP-DDR2/3 x 32 bit running at 1333Mbps. All devices feature an Imagination PowerVR SGX540 GPU.


Samples of the four new ApP Lite processors are now available. Mass production is under way for the TZ5010XBG and TZ5011XBG, and will begin in June for the TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG.

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