In recent years, mobile technology for consumers has been improving at an exponential rate. Cell phones started off as a luxury item that was the size of a brick owned only by the few people wealthy enough to afford them in the 1980s and 1990s. Then the 2000s rolled around and devices became more and more affordable for and accessible to your average consumer. Since then, mobile device usage has skyrocketed; current statistics show that there are over 4 billion internet users worldwide as of 2016. These usage increase statistics are not slowing down, and in fact they continue to rise at a nearly astronomical rate! In fact, mobile internet traffic now makes up 56% of all internet traffic across the globe and surpassed the total flow of internet traffic from desktops and PCs in 2014.

This trend toward more mobile internet use is only increasing. 4 million new smartphones are being sold every day, including 633,476 iPhones. 82 million apps are downloaded from the Apple App Store every day, 22 million songs are downloaded from iTunes, and 2,298 new apps and games are submitted to the App Store on a daily basis.

Social media use is also heavily trending towards mobile devices. There are 700 million users worldwide accessing Facebook on mobile devices, over 2 billion Facebook likes are sent on mobile devices, 45 billion Facebook messages are sent, and 3 billion videos are watched on Facebook on mobile devices. There were 1.57 billion active users of Facebook in June 2016, which represents a 20 percent year-over-year increase. There were 1.03 billion mobile daily active users in June 2016, which represents a 22% year-over-year increase. Over 415 million Twitter users send tweets from mobile devices on a daily basis. 80 million Instagram pictures are uploaded worldwide every day across all devices. Snapchat itself sees over 760 million pictures shared amongst users on a daily basis. 1 million pins are sent from user to user on Pinterest, and 11 million articles are pinned on Pinterest every day. Users on LinkedIn view 1 million jobs per day on mobile devices and apply to 44,004 jobs. Users watch 99 million hours of YouTube videos every day.

There are over 280 million minutes of WeChat audio calls made by users every day and 3 billion web pages are shared on WeChat Moments. WhatsApp, a new messaging service, is also seeing exponential usage growth. 30 billion WhatsApp messages are sent and 34 billion WhatsApp are received, 700 million photos are sent via WhatsApp, 200 million audio messages are sent, and over 100 million videos are sent by users every day.

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