SeeControl and ClearConnex, Inc. worked together to launch Trident Network’s MeterReader™ solution to monitor water, gas and electric consumption by commercial and industrial companies through the use of unique technology and data collection services.

Innovative Engineering

ClearConnex expanded its mature, proven, hardware agnostic software platform, ClearComm, running on a Sierra Wireless Fastrack modem with a ClearConnex designed plug-in board to read utility meters. This combined solution makes it possible to achieve remote monitoring and reporting of rural and metro areas. The data is then transmitted over a cellular network provided by Wyless to SeeControl’s Nexus platform.

Asset Management System

Trident Network’s MeterReader™ utilizes SeeControl’s IoT SaaS platform to gather, analyze, and act upon real-time resource usage data allowing users to raise their financial and operational efficiency and achieve LEED certification. The SeeControl platform enables rapid application development via predefined widgets & no coding toolset which allowed the MeterReader™ application to be completed within weeks of receiving Trident Network’s requirements.

Jason Norton President of Trident Network states,
“Deploying the MeterReader™ on SeeControl’s IoT Platform was an obvious choice when considering time to market and total cost of ownership. Not only were we able to connect our MeterReader™ device and collect data but were also able to quickly deploy the solution that can scale to millions of sensors.

Parthesh Shastri, VP Customer Success of SeeControl stats, “Trident’s MeterReader™ can save enterprises and commercial firms hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Parthesh adds “Partnering with ClearConnex and leveraging the ClearComm platform to enable the MeterReader™ device to transmit data wirelessly to the Nexus platform significantly reduced Trident’s time to market by utilizing start ahead building blocks.”

Ryan Rangel, President of ClearConnex, says, “ClearComm, pre-integrated with an industry leading IoT platform partner such as SeeControl enables customers to reduce risk and time to market. This is a perfect example of our ability to deliver a managed M2M service through successful collaboration with our ecosystem partners.”

About ClearConnex

RTP North Carolina-based ClearConnex specializes in finishing any wireless device project ahead with expert engineering services that build upon innovative product platforms. To start projects ahead, ClearConnex provides a proven set of licensable software and hardware products as customizable building blocks. This approach combines the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost effectiveness of an off-the-shelf solution. An industry first.

About SeeControl

SeeControl arms Product Makers and Solution Integrators with one of a kind M2M cloud apps for the Industrial Internet age. The SeeControl Platform organizes and makes sense of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with no coding skills required. Scores of customers ranging from ABB, HP, and Fujitsu, as well as IoT innovators entrust their hundreds of thousands of things around the world with SeeControl.

About Trident Network

Trident Network is a Texas based Systems Integration-Manufacturer, focused on customers who operate cooling towers, evaporative condensers, unmetered irrigation systems, large humidifiers, or high volume ice machines – any process that results in the evaporation of water or diversion from the sanitary sewer system.