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C-Labs Corporation, a connectivity software provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with TRUMPF. The global market leader in machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing, TRUMPF has industrial machines deployed at customer locations worldwide. TRUMPF will license C-Labs C-DEngine and Factory-Relay products and related technology for use in TRUMPF’s industrial machines.

“Major industrial suppliers are discovering how C-Labs and its unique, easy-to-use, patent-pending approach can transform business models and accelerate product-as-a-service transitions in industrial markets,” said John Traynor, C-Labs Chief Operating Officer, following a recent series of global customer meetings. “We are delighted that TRUMPF has selected our technology and is further demonstrating its strategic commitment to the industrial IoT and C-Labs as a key investor in our next phase of growth.”

“The expertise and technology from C-Labs will significantly enhance our existing IoT capability. We are now able to capture live machine data for predictive maintenance and improved service, fully compliant with the IT and data usage policies of our many customers,” commented Stephan Fischer, Head of Software Development at TRUMPF.

Following a rigorous evaluation period, TRUMPF selected C-Labs as the IoT software provider best able to connect equipment on the manufacturing floor at multiple locations with enterprise applications and systems running on corporate IT networks. “C-Labs relishes working with industrial suppliers and their customers’ enterprise IT organizations,” said Chris Muench, C-Labs Chief Executive Officer. “We deliver solutions that meet the needs of both operations technology and information technology groups, directly addressing key security and privacy concerns. The relationship between C-Labs and TRUMPF means we can now bring these benefits to many more customers across the globe.”

TRUMPF also acquired a minority interest in C-Labs in a transaction that closed earlier this year. Details of TRUMPF’s investment, part of C-Labs’ Series A offering, were not disclosed.

For more information about C-Labs and its IoT products, visit www.c-labs.com.

About C-Labs

C-Labs provides remote and mobile access for intelligent equipment. The company’s products connect and control any type of sensor, device, or machine that generates data and responds to input. C-Labs delivers scalability, improved security, and simple-to-use software for the Internet of Things (IoT).


High-tech company TRUMPF provides manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, lasers, and electronics. TRUMPF is the world technological and market leader for machine tools used in flexible sheet metal processing, and also for industrial lasers. In 2014-15 the company, which has approximately 11,000 employees worldwide, achieved sales of 2.72 billion euros.