Truphone and The Plan B Company have partnered to build services for the connected car for leading Asian automotive manufacturer, Kia. The Plan B Company plans to connect thousands of cars with the Truphone SIM covering Europe during 2017.

The combined solution intelligently connects the car to new services creating new possibilities for the driver and passenger. It is made possible by Truphone’s multi-country connectivity and The Plan B Company’s strength in turning data into insights.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Plan B to enable them to create enhanced and intuitive services for Kia’s connected car programme,” said Steve Alder, Truphone Chief Business Development Officer.

Kia wanted a car that could give drivers real-time information and location based offers, anywhere in the world. The Plan B Company will leverage Truphone’s global SIM and IoT Connectivity Management Platform to create the car of the future that can tell you when it needs a service, recommend a parking spot, and pay for it.

Truphone’s unique global network delivers an unparalleled local service. This means that The Plan B Company can provision cars with the Truphone SIM anywhere in the world and future-proof its solution as the cars roll out across Europe.

With Truphone, The Plan B Company has one supplier to deliver quality connectivity in over 220 countries. This, combined with Truphone’s industry-leading IoT platform that provides life cycle management, via comprehensive rules engine and REST API enables rapid deployment and over the air reconfiguration to suit the service required.

Patrick Ten Berge, co-founder at The Plan B Company says: “Like us, Truphone is a leader in providing future-proof solutions. We chose them because they delivered the best quality connectivity with predictable costs across many countries.”

Truphone and The Plan B Company will be speaking about Kia’s connected car programme at Mobile World Congress 2017, taking place from 27 February to 2 March 2017.