whiteCryption, an Intertrust company that provides advanced application security solutions, and Trustonic, a provider of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for mobile and IoT devices, announced that Trustonic has licensed whiteCryption’s Code Protection and Secure Key Box software solutions. The complementary products will enable Trustonic security solutions for a wider range of mobile apps and IoT devices without the need for Trustonic customers to learn or use new APIs.

Trustonic, a joint venture of ARM and Gemalto, provides a hardware security platform for developers building trusted applications. Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) is an adaptable cybersecurity solution that brings together the best of software and hardware secured solutions into one product. Trustonic combines the hardware-enabled cybersecurity technologies found in over 500 million ARM-based devices with the software protection from whiteCryption, to offer secure, simpler, faster and richer user experiences for consumers.

whiteCryption’s technology extends the trusted perimeter of Trustonic’s hardware security by adding a protective software layer that delivers obfuscation, self-defense and tamper resistance, and provides application cybersecurity to platforms where ARM TrustZone hardware-based security is not available. Trustonic Hybrid Protection uses Trustonic TEE Hardware Protection when ARM TrustZone hardware is available, bringing users the highest level of cybersecurity their device can provide. When the Trustonic TEE is not available, Trustonic Software Protection provides world-class software-enabled privacy features. The combination of Trustonic and whiteCryption technologies under a single API simplifies code development and deployment into one source.

“The importance of being able to offer high-performance encryption both in hardware and software is critical to provide compelling user experiences across the widest range of apps and end devices,” said Ben Cade, chief executive officer of Trustonic. “We believe whiteCryption offers the best software solution in the market today that complements Trustonic’s established hardware-enabled security solutions.”

“With whiteCryption integration, Trustonic brings improved security features to an even wider range of mobile apps while enhancing security for IoT and mobile products,” said Thorsten Held, managing director, whiteCryption. “In addition, the combination of technologies accessible through one API greatly simplifies the process for app developers.”